Top 10 Depictions of Satan

The last of our Halloween themed Top 10’s today, it has to end with the biggest bad devil of them all – These are our Top 10 Depictions of Satan!

GeekOut Top 10s

Satan, a name that strikes fear into all foolish mortals who should choose not to follow his command. What he commands is final, so don’t you dare think you can get away from this week’s list, the final in our series of scary, spooky and downright silly Top 10’s from recent weeks. Now that Halloween is around the corner, what better time is it than now to revel in delight at our Top 10 Depictions of Satan.

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Top 10 Flamboyantly Ominous Characters

Dressed to impress with looks and a look that could kill, this weeks Top 10 was a tie. As such, welcome to… The Top 10 Flamboyantly Ominous Characters. We tried to make the middle ground as best as we could for all of you!

GeekOut Top 10s

Last week, our vote was a tie. Usually what we do in these situations, is roll a die for odds/evens and whoever calls it gets the one they choose. This time, Timlah said to Joel: “I think we can do this”. Lo and behold, we managed it. We combined the tied votes to create a brand new Top 10 that you all voted for. Perhaps the will of the people wasn’t to do this, but the votes sent us this way.

Flamboyant characters can be hard to judge: they’re often more than just a bit player in their franchise. Often they’re scary, in fact, they’re usually a little bit ominous. They stand out in a realm of “the norm”, they dress fancy, they talk differently and their minds are wired in a very unique way. They’re dangerous but fabulous, they’re ominous, they’re flamboyant… they’re in our Top 10 Flamboyantly Ominous Characters list!

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