Dungeon Situational – Kobold Traps

Ever hear of Tucker’s Kobolds? If you have then you know that a half-dozen hit points does not mean an easy fight. In this week’s Dungeon Situational I’ll pitch a few ideas for the kinds of traps that kobolds may construct given their stature, disposition, and available resources.

As usual I’ll be using D&D 5e rules, but all rules and numbers can be adjusted to suit your campaign in other editions, systems, or for varying levels. Continue reading “Dungeon Situational – Kobold Traps”

DMing 101 – Foreshadowing

Themes and plots are easy enough to run in the open, but it’s no small task to run one in secret while subtly eluding to it so that the great reveal is a moment of realisation, not confusion. Your hidden villains, impending perils and heartbreaking plot twists become so much more satisfying to both you and your players when someone compulsively yells “I knew it!” because it mean that you’ve foreshadowed well.

I’ve been delaying this one because I’ve not had a great deal of practice, and the best examples I have are all from games and films, so I encourage anyone who has had experience of foreshadowing in an RP, good or bad, to share in the comments or on Facebook. For what it’s worth, here is what I have come to learn of how to foreshadow well. Continue reading “DMing 101 – Foreshadowing”

Preparations for conventions

What a name for a title, right?!

Just me? Okay.

Just under 2 weeks

What am I blabbering on about now? Well, it’s just under 2 weeks until I am going to Kitacon: Invasion 2014. Why is it Invasion? I don’t know. Ayacon was Ayacon Apocalypse, so why shouldn’t this be Kitacon Invasion, right?

But no, seriously, with anime conventions in the UK, at least with the bigger ones that I’ve attended thus far, there appear to be themes. When I went to Ayacon Apocalypse, I chose Zidane Tribal as my costume of choice (I refuse to bring that image back up over here. If you’re that curious, check out some of the earliest “Cosplay posts”.

What sort of things do you take to a convention?

This varies.

For me, it’ll be the costume and some extras for the costume (Change of some of the basic clothing, etc). I’ll be taking my phone – So I can keep you all up to date, as well as a charger. I’ll take my 3DS, why? Because anime conventions seem to love the 3DS. Seriously. I’ll be bringing my Magic: The Gathering decks as well as my Cards Against Humanity and Zombie Fluxx set.

Sounds like a lot of stuff for just 3 nights and it is. But, there’s so much to do in such a short amount of time. I want to get out there and talk to as many fellow cosplayers, gamers, anime fans and spectators.


Other things to take, include props, signs, anything that you think will get people to notice you and join you in your quest to meet fellow fans.

I want to see if I can speak to Ellen McLain, as that’d be great. I’m hoping to get a small object relating to Portal and get a signed piece.

What will happen to GeekOut South-West during the time I’m at Kitacon?

I’m thinking of doing some “Micro-posts”. These will be no more than 500 words, with a picture or two to highlight what is happening at this event. I want to share the event with all of you, in hopes that, if you’ve never taken the financial plunge to go to an anime or games convention, that you eventually pluck up the courage to do so.

The “Micro-Posts” will consist of some of the greatest cosplayers I have seen in the day, some of the panels I attend (Possibly footage, if my phone agrees to do so and the panels permit it!), the sort of foods we’re eating if it’s Japanese foods, etc.

I’ll fill you in on all of the highlights and even if there are some low points. I really hope there are no low points!

I’m going to be meeting up with Craig, Kim and Phil of 1001-up.com to talk geek, gaming, cosplay and hopefully play a game of Cards Against Humanity! I’ll put some of the best quotes up here if they agree to play the game! *PRE-WARNING – That game can get pretty offensive. I’ll be putting warnings on those posts!

Another piece of the puzzle

Well, since I’m slowly, but surely, uploading pieces of my costume, here’s the coat.

Edward Elric cloak/coat
Edward Elric cloak/coat

Pretty nice coat, huh?

That’s all for today, have a great rest of the week and I’ll be sharing more geek stuff throughout the week. Wednesday, as always, will have our Kickstarter Highlight of the week, this Friday will have a run down of the “Geek news” I’ve collected over the past 2 weeks.

Tomorrow, however: We review an anime. What one, you ask?

Possibly, one of the most influential animes ever made. Whether you like it or not, this anime influenced the whole of my generation.

I can’t wait to review it and share in the gripes that the whole world has with it, as well as praise it where it’s due.

One clue about it: Don’t let them look at the full moon!