Beginner’s Cosplay Guide #2: Tools of the Trade

When I started cosplaying, I didn’t know anything about how to get things done. I knew that a lot of people sewn their own costumes and I knew a lot of people worked with foam and wood. That was about it. I didn’t know there was something called Thermoplastic, I didn’t know there were groups who worked with leather (or pleather). I didn’t know a lot of the tools people used and honestly, I jumped right into the deep end before I could swim. But, I think that’s how it sort of has to be as a cosplayer.

Cosplay is a crazy craft; cosplayers all begin somewhere and the question is where? How does someone start cosplaying comfortably? Who can cosplay? What are the etiquettes behind cosplay and what does a cosplayer need to know? Can someone with an unsteady hand become a cosplayer? Can someone who has never sewn-up a hole create stunning works of art? What do you need to get started? In a series of mini-guides, I hope to quell some of these questions and more.

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