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Airecon 2018 – Reporting from the con

It took the train just about five hours to trundle my way north to Harrogate from Bristol. With just one train change at Leeds, it was a very easy, but quite long journey. Airecon only occupies a small part of the Harrogate Convention Centre, but this does not mean it’s attendance is by any means small.


In A Bind – Cardgame review

Sometimes writing for this website can be tricky, sometimes it’s just really hard or near on impossible to put into words how a film or game makes you feel. Then there are the times there is a definitive feeling that goes with it, and I could easily sum up In A Bind in one word and that word would be “hilarious”.

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– Chris

What? Do you want more? You’re such a demanding audience. In order to not produce the shortest review of a product ever on GeekOut, I’ll explain a bit more. I came across In A Bind via Kickstarter where the campaign for it had already finished but reading through the synopsis of the game and it’s tagline of “A game of physical restrictions” just was too good for me to turn down. To me, it screamed, “Buy me for a MeetUp”. So I dropped £15 down for a copy of the game with the expansion pack and then waited for the postman to arrive. No, seriously I sat by the letterbox and didn’t eat or sleep for nearly four days waiting by the letterbox like a loyal dog waiting to bring it’s master the morning paper. Okay.. I may be exaggerating a bit, I admit I didn’t wait by the letterbox for four days but I was very happy when it turned up, even happier that the designer (Bez) had customised my package. All I needed was a group to play it with.

I took the game to our Halloween meet up and introduced it to a few players as “Twister with cards”. There are 56 cards in the standard deck and the expansion has another 50 or so cards that you can add in as many or as few as you see fit. Each card gives you a simple instruction like putting a card in your armpit or putting one hand on your knee which you must follow, the rest rules of the game are simple and you can play it in one of two ways.

In A Bind cards

Normal Gameplay

  1. Each player takes a turn to draw from the deck
  2. The player reads out the card and places the card in front of them unless the card instructs otherwise
  3. The player follows the instruction on the card and continues to follow the instruction
  4. Any player not following all of their instructions is out
  5. Any player that cannot draw from the deck is out

Slow & Sadistic Gameplay

  1. Each player is dealt an initial hand of two cards
  2. A player decides which card to give to which player and places the card in front of them face up
  3. The player receiving the card must follow the instruction on it immediately
  4. The player who gave the card then draws a card from the deck so they always have two in their hand
  5. Any player not following all of their instructions is out
  6. Any player that cannot draw from the deck is out


If there is a card game that you need to sleeve it’s this one. Cards end up under armpits, and all sorts, if you add a little booze to the game I am sure it can get super messy so for those people who like their cards pristine may want to double sleeve. My only other criticism about the game is the cards themselves, I guess that due to funding Bez was not able to get a premium stock to print on. The card stock is not bad but for a game like this where cards get placed in all sorts of situations having a heavier card stock would have been really beneficial. I think it only took a few minutes for us to accidentally bend one of the corners of the cards.


If the above are my only criticism’s then that’s pretty small. £15 is a great price for this game including the expansion pack. Spending the extra money to sleeve them is well worth it in my opinion.

The artwork on the cards are great with very clear direction, each game takes around 15 minutes so if you get knocked out early in the round you don’t have to wait too long before you can join in again.

In the meantime, it is great fun to become an enforcer of the rules and call out any player who is currently failing to obey all of their cards. That and you get to laugh as the players try harder and harder to stay in as they get more physically restricted. It’s a great game for a great price. Take a look at our gallery to see what sort of shenanigans took place when we played it at our GeekOut meet up.

We’d like to congratulate Bez on his game and encourage anyone who wants to buy it for themselves to go and do so while stocks last. He has mentioned to me that he is working on something else and might be able to release us an early beta, we look forward to it. Did you play In A Bind with us? What did you think of the game and the price that Bez is asking for it? Feedback welcome in thew usual places of the comments section, Reddit, Facebook and Twitter