Top 10 – Dead Websites

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The internet has grown explosively in a shockingly short space of time. Consider its cultural dominance in matters of information gathering, exchange, shopping, misinformation, entertainment, socialising, slinging insults at one another across nations without the fear of ever having to match that bravado in person… Googling things…

But this incredible progress has left behind a veritable graveyard of would-be titans of the net, each one assured that it would be the next big thing. Some – for a while – were right, but all have ended up as yesterday’s masters, some the giants whose shoulders the modern internet stands upon, others, faint memories. Here are our Top 10 Dead Websites… Continue reading “Top 10 – Dead Websites”

Top 10 – Forgotten Memes

GeekOut Top 10s

Memes – They’re the reason a lot of things happen on the internet these days. From the adorably funny Doge meme which created the DogeCoin, to the legend of the Numa Numa man, memes have come and gone over the years. We look back at some of our favourite memes that were not only fun when they were around, but we’ve actually come to forget about them in general.

This list isn’t to say that nobody remembers these memes, that’s far from the truth. A lot of these memes will be remembered always – However, the majority of the people who were on the internet probably saw this, laughed about it and promptly forgot about it. Join us in our nostalgic fuelled Top 10 of internet frenzy. Continue reading “Top 10 – Forgotten Memes”