Cosplay Tutorial: Tessaiga

I made a sword. I made a really big sword for a cosplay I will be wearing at Kitacon 2017. It’s Inuyasha’s sword: Tessaiga. Full instructions on what I did and finished results posted in this article.

Well I’ve been quiet about it this year, but it appears that I have two new costumes ready for Kitacon this year. One is Crash Bandicoot, which is really just a casual outfit with an Aku Aku mask – and the other is Inuyasha, the protagonist, the half-demon, the one who was bound to a tree. Part of Inuyasha is his easily recognisable Tessaiga, the huge sword he wields in battle (but he doesn’t really carry it around). Granted, I could have gone for the safe small version of the sword, but that just wouldn’t be me, so I’ve made the Tessaiga when Inuyasha is wielding it for battle. But how did I make it? Read on!

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