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Top 10 Female Protagonists

Often underrepresented, but never underappreciated – The women of anime, comics, film and video games are here. Who is our top woman in all media? Who has the strength, the resolve, the skill and the brains? We were surprised we hadn’t made a Top 10 Female Protagonists list before, so we figured we’d right that wrong, as we check out our favourite women in all different media.


Video Game Review: Beyond Good & Evil

Since it’s one of our current Let’s Plays, featuring more important Sus Sapiens than Tomba, we have a look at Beyond Good & Evil. Is it any good or is it just another game that gets over hyped due to nostalgia? Timlah investigates the reporter and her epic action adventure.


New YouTube Series – GeekOut Plays Beyond Good & Evil

In an article a little while back, I mentioned I was starting up more series on YouTube this year. This is true and we’re starting the year off on the right foot by starting our third Let’s Play series, Beyond Good & Evil. Read on to see the first episodes of this Ubisoft classic.