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E3 2019 – Actually Quite Interesting

I’ve had a couple of years of just not caring about E3. I know I’m not alone in that, a lot of hype that rarely gets fulfilled, a lot of the hype we want nowhere to be seen, and it’s usually just a chance for big publishers to let us down and make us worried about the future of the industry for one reason or another.

But can I take a moment or two to actually talk about some stuff that I like the look of here? Some of the game announcements and other news touches on a few subjects that genuinely excite me, and I won’t even rag on the more “classically bad” elements like how many games look like Borderlands these days like Outlands and rage 2 both do, nor will I even mention the words “Fallout has battle royal for some reason”… that would be highly unnecessary. (more…)


The Matrix Was Rubbish

I knew the title would get your attention and now forgive me while I bathe in the internet rage, even now I can feel you scrolling to the bottom of the post and furiously typing. Okay yes, I am trolling you and now I ask you to excuse the click bait beginning of this but I really thought The Matrix was probably one of the worst films I have ever seen. When you have finished throwing abuse at me and telling me that I can’t be a “Geek” if I don’t like The Matrix I’ll explain why.