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Top 10 – In Game Tutorials

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Top 10 Collectable Games

Not all games are made to include everything in the box. Not all video games are made with all of the content ready. But all games have one thing in common: They’re generally pretty damn fun! However, is it really fun to have games that don’t have all of the required components in the box, or is it just a massive waste of money? We’d argue it’s not always that bad spending money on games that you’ve already poured money into for the base game, I mean some of our favourite games are some of the most expensive games in the world.

Today we want to take a look through what we think is the Top 10 Collectable Games! Join us as we throw all of the cash out of the window as we collect more pieces in the already expensive game of collectable gaming!


Oscar Kass – Costume Update

Hi all and welcome back to another lovely Monday.

So, I thought I’d quickly share some updates with you all with regarding one of my costumes I will be taking to ALCon.

Things weren’t going so well for me and my thermoplastics. Worbla is best for layering, not for bonding together I’ve now sussed out. Great!

My mask wasn’t doing so good, nothing was going right – So what did I do about it? Do I just give up?

Tah tah! Fooled you!!

Tah tah! Fooled you!!

Instead, I decided to try a new material which I might have to do a full “Cosplay Materials” post on at some point. After a little bit of time, I got the shapes right… and I made two more pieces of the costume.

So far then, we have the belt buckle (along with the belt.)

This will be recoloured darker as per the actual belt buckle design.

This will be recoloured darker as per the actual belt buckle design.

We also have the robes, the mask and the ribcage. Brilliant.

The only things left for the costume itself are skeleton feet (I’ll simply be using toe-socks for this and adding some lines to make them more “bone-y” Those should be pretty hidden overall, though). Along with my bony feet, I’ll need to have skeletal arms and hands.

I’ll be using elastic bandages to make the arms and hands. To be fair, I could go the full shebang and make full blown plastic prosthetics but I’ll be happy to get the overall image right to begin with and perhaps if I improve the costume, do those then.

So, here’s a quick montage of me having made the actual mask.

Oscar Template

I started by drawing out the mask as if it was flat. I simply sketched it out onto some A3 paper and then used a knife to cut around the stencil. I decided to keep the mouth on during this point, as it made life a lot easier when I was actually cutting the mouth out at the final part of the cutting stage.

Next, I got me a slab of EVA Foam, my new favourite Cosplay Material. In fact, why didn’t I just call this post “Cosplay Materials – EVA Foam”? Perhaps one day, when I get better with EVA foam, I.E when I make my **NEXT COSTUMES MAIN FEATURE** will I make that an actual post. In the mean time, this was mostly just cutting and heating into shape.

Stencil down, I cut around the edges and cut out the relevant bits.

Stencil down, I cut around the edges and cut out the relevant bits.

EVA foam has two sides. One side is really smooth and soft (which is the side I used to spray) and the other side is a bit more rough. This EVA foam is the same material they use for flooring, hence why it has such a strange back texture. It’s okay though, this stuff is very cheap. I got something like 46 meters of the stuff for £21. I’ll gladly buy more in the future, too!

Right, so that was the cut out and flat mask. Next up: I simply heated the mask into a more… recognisable mask shape.

And here it is, something more recognisable.

And here it is, something more recognisable.

I trimmed some areas over time, to make the chin area more rounded and I also cut the forehead down a bit, which made it look a lot cuter and a lot more “round” like the actual characters face is.

Lastly then was the spray paint job. That was simply a water-based acrylic spray paint. There’s not too much to say. I also made a rough stencil for a ribcage, as some of that will be exposed.

Interestingly with the rib-cage part, it’s hard to see unless you have the model yourself, but it is exposed and that’s why I made that part.

Well, that’s it for this update. Stick around and soon enough I’ll have a picture of the full costume! Horrah!

I also realise that Oscars bones are a bit more… Shall we say: bone coloured than my mask currently. I’ll be trying a few things to make it more that colour but if it comes to it, I’ll simply buy a spray paint of the correct colour and do that before I use the costume out and about.

I might also try and make his cheeks stick out more. We’ll see about that…

What did you think of the mask and ribcage? They’re held on with elastic because eh – Elastic is easy to get a hold of and does a good job. Any tips from you pros out there? Let us know in the comments below. Or if you want my ego to be inflated, give me some compliments…

Oh Oscar, you're so cute... But yellowish.

Oh Oscar, you’re so cute… But yellowish.

… Or tell me how bad it is and make me feel bad for the rest of all time. You meanies.

Costume Progress – Oscar Kass, Part 1

So as I have previously mentioned on this website, before we can start a costume, the most important element is researching the character. After all, how do you know if the costume you are making is going to be made of something completely ridiculous unless you know what kind of character

Unfortunately, this is somewhat hard with this character, as it turns out there’s not really that much information on him! I was flabbergasted, however there are some things which I can certainly work on, including the robes.

To be fair, he’s a character from a figurine game, so of course there’s not much. He’s a petty criminal who’s main attack is called “Con”. This explains his dagger and a few other things. I’m going to use this to my advantage, as I’ll be able to walk up to people and act like a criminal.

The robes

So, I didn’t make the robes. I figured to myself, I could modify something! So the original idea I had was to buy a dressing gown and modify it big time.

Then I struck cosplay gold! I went to eBay and I found myself a seller who was selling cloaks. Check out this eBay shop!

The listing in question was for this cloak. £17.50 + £4.10 Postage and Packaging. Not terribly priced at all! However, at the time, all of those extra options weren’t on the page. So, I thought I’d be cheeky and I e-mailed her. It didn’t take long before she responded and I asked if she could make a cloak in the same colour as my Oscar Kass costume.


Oscar Kass is such an adorable figurine!

Well, the lovely lady was happy to help! We had a great discussion about the cloak and we dealt with the transaction easily and safely via PayPal. I received the cloak way ahead of time and it turned out to be amazing. The quality of this cloak, I really cannot talk bad about at all, which is great!

Of course, some people may be wondering how I can work with a cloak when clearly it’s a robe. This is why I asked for a pretty large cloak. It’s so large, that when I first put it on, the hood completely devoured my head and my body was cocooned in fabric, which was perfect! I’m simply going to use a pin to hold things together and a rope belt along with the buckles detail.


My cloak from the seller Diamond-jones24. If you’re reading this, Diamond-jones24, thank you!

As you can see, I’m not in the most flattering of poses in that picture… I look rather asleep for some odd reason. It’s fine: There’ll be a mask on me eventually, it’ll look a lot nicer then.

Well, I’ve got to use some pins to get it in place, but this is the robe in question. I need to have the sleeves up and make some little blue armlets of similar colour, but I should be able to do that.


What’s next for this costume?

With this robe now sorted, I just need to suss out the best positioning of the cloaks opening to. I then need to make the belt, the mask, the hands/arms/feet and the dagger.

For this costume, I’m also going to make a large pair of dice which I can throw around at the convention so anyone who’s played this game will instantly recognise what my bonuses are as I walk around. Yes, I am a pretty silly individual.

Next up, the mask of the character! This should be fun to make a mask of! I’ll be using some black-netting like mesh so that I can still see out of the mask and perhaps use it on the back of the mask, as As for how I’ll be able to eat/drink in the costume – Okay, eating I won’t be able to, but with the mouth I’m going to leave a small gap and just drink through a straw.

What do you think of the cloak, guys? I’m very proud of it and as I say, the seller was a delight to buy from. She was very switched on and heck, whilst it’s huge on me, with those basic modifications of a rope belt and pins to keep it in place, I’m sure I could move it about ever so slightly so I won’t need to buy another robe or cloak at any point! Plus, it’s so fetching on me.

Next Cosplay Projects

So, I thought today, I’d share with you what my next project(s) are for cosplaying! Oh yes, I don’t have just one, this time around.

With Kitacon over and the “Con Blues” being over (That’s when you get home and realise that you’re back to the realm of normality), I decided to get more involved with my craft of Cosplay. So, last week, I took to the shops and got myself… PVA glue?


Costume 1 – Link

Horray, a character that everyone would recognise! So, here we go, this is the reference I am basing most of my research on.

Wait, what happened to you Link!?

Wait, what happened to you Link!?

No, this is not a joke. For my next costume, I am planning on going as a variant of Link; Deku Link. Now, a very quick bit of background about this character!

Deku Link is only seen in one game, which is The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. Now, Majora’s Mask, I would say is one of the darker Legend of Zelda games. In fact, it’s pretty bleak! It’s filled with doom! When suddenly:

You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?

Oh gosh, the Happy Mask Salesman. I hope someone will cosplay you and join me in a convention!

Of course, this is also the same Legend of Zelda game with -the moon-.

ARGH! What a pretty face! I’m in love.


Costume 2 – Oscar Kass

During Kitacon, me and some of the others decided: Perhaps we should do a group cosplay. We’ve got 3 of our characters sorted. I get to be Oscar Kass from the lovely figurine game: Krosmaster Arena.

Seriously, isn’t this the most adorable figurine ever?

So, I intend to eventually get myself a proper set of Krosmaster Arena. Instead, I’ve opted to play through the online version! Hey, are you interested in having a game with a complete noob at this? Go ahead and give me a message in the comments below. I’d love to play with one of you!

So, I thought Oscar Kass was just adorable, thus I decided he’ll be the second of my costumes. Heck, 2 of the group we’ve formed decided they wanted to do Krosmaster Arena, so I didn’t feel mean enough to say “NO!”

I don’t know much about Oscar Kass, but I’ll be learning more about him over time so I can do a good cosplay of him. Yes, the personality of a character really does make a difference in how you make your costumes.


Costume 3 – Felix

What!? No! Not the cat!

Golden Suns Felix, the Venus adept!

Golden Suns Felix, the Venus adept!

Yes, Felix from the Golden Sun franchise. Felix is awesome.

The best thing about the Golden Sun franchise was whenever you updated your armour, the game would recognise it. Your powers changed depending on the Djinn you had ready and even your class. The game was very dynamic and impressive. You play as Felix in Golden Sun: The Lost Age, which was my favourite of the Golden Sun games.

If you’ve never played this series, I’d recommend you do so if you are a fan of RPGs. The game is an absolute treat!

After Mt. Aleph erupts and a boulder comes tumbling down to the town of Vale, Felix falls into the river. The boulder crashes down through the town and it causes Felix to be swept away by the river. Without going into too much detail, he then finds out what he must do and sides with the antagonists of the game. Dun, dun, dun!

A silent protagonist (Didn’t I just say he sided with the antagonists?) who uses the powers of Venus against his opponents. A brute-like style of damage.



So, I’m hoping to attend a convention and an expo in September! That’ll be one busy month, but I’ve not yet finalised with my group whether or not they want to do the convention together. The expo I am interested in is the Eurogamer Expo in London, hopefully joining the team over at 1001-Up! (Did you know I am do some writing for them? If you’re reading this: Hi guys!)

I’ll not yet give details of the convention, however I will say that I should have information if I will be attending these events soon.

How will these costumes be made?

  • Deku Link

    Deku Link will be, in my opinion, one of my easiest costumes! How crazy is that?

    I will be using Papier Mache to make the head, which will basically be a whole head. I’ve also decided, after attending an awesome panel at Kitacon, that I will attempt some electronics within this costume, to try and make the eyes glow. I’ve gotten some orange perspex plastic for the eyes, 500 orange LEDs, some battery packs, some wire, resistors, my soldering kit – and much more stuff.

    The material for the clothing is simple: I’ll just be sewing together a green “Tunic” – Well, basically I’ll be wearing a skirt… … … What?

    For the hat, that too is quite simple, but I’m considering having the hat stuffed so that it won’t just lose shape. I’m also going to sew some yellow “hair” (This I haven’t sussed yet! Maybe felt? Maybe actual hair?) to the head, so that the whole piece is together. I need to get myself a 2 foot balloon to start working on this head, however. That’s my next step!

    Don’t believe me that Papier Mache can hold true for the head? Check this out! Papier Mache is awesome.

    The gauntlets I am thinking of making out of epoxy putty, though I’m going to do a lot more research on this subject before I dive in to this! Epoxy Putty hardens up with heat and is quite a lot like worbla in that respect. I’m hoping for this costume, the epoxy resin will be a better choice than Worbla, although I know I could use Worbla if it comes to it. I was thinking of making the boots as a cover rather than actually as boots. I will get some older boots and just create this large padding around the surface, before putting plastics or something shiny over it. I’ll be researching this more as time continues.

    Finally, the body itself will be a brown Morphsuit.

    I have to say – Thanks to the Slenderman cosplayer (Sam) we saw at Kitacon on Sunday afternoon for the idea!

  • Oscar Kass

    So, the head of Oscar Kass will basically be done as a mask. A simple papier mache mask… (Oh, not again!) Me an my papier mache, I want to see if I can make this stuff as durable as I need to. I hope I can.

    The clothing, however, will simply be a blue dressing gown. I will need to also make a brown belt with a lovely little skull belt buckler. This might be where Worbla will shine through, but that’s still undecided. Worbla, I noticed, is incredibly stiff after it has hardened up. Moving my arm in the Edward Elric arm I had made wasn’t easy.

    The blade will likely be a thermoplastic of some kind, or I could make it out of cardboard then put plastics around it. The hands and feet will likely be bare hands and feet (Or wearing sandals that don’t look like much for the feet. I heard there are some “invisible sandals”? I’ll have to investigate this!

    Although how could I find that? That’s like searching for Carmen Sandiego (Hi, American viewers!)


I’ll admit, I’ve not yet looked into the Felix cosplay as that was the most recent idea. Have you got any thoughts on how I should or could do the Felix cosplay?

Well, that’s me done sharing my cosplay ideas for now. So, it’s quite exciting. Next month, I will be going to Bristol Comic Expo. I kind of hope I have the Deku Link costume done in time. I think it’ll potentially be a costume I reuse, many times. We’ll see, though. I might need to start making more space for my cosplays. Perhaps it’s time to clean out my room with all the junk that’s in there and start replacing it with costume pieces. Hopefully, they’ll keep well.

Do you have any ideas for cosplays that you just want to share with the world? Great! Share them here with us and if you’re looking for advice, why not ask us? I’m sure someone would help out!