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Remaking A Classic – Part 2 (More Zombies)

Last week I went through some ideas on how to change up the bog-standard zombie. It was fun, and I’m on holiday, so we’re doing it again, but weirder!


It’s quite a memorable moment in the Resident Evil series when T-Virus infected dogs burst through the window, in fact zombie dogs have popped up a few times in various forms, but that’s about it outside of applying templates to creatures in RP games. Rarely you’ll see an undead cat, and of course there’s the infamous infected horde in Black Sheep.

Here’s a thought I’ve toyed with lately: (more…)

Top 10 Disgusting Enemies in Games

Yuck! Some enemies in video games are just downright disgusting. Sticky, smelly, slimy, grotesque… You name it: They’re at least one of these! But never fear, we thought we’d delve into the realm of the ugly and the vile, the gross and the gruesome.

Just to make the rules of this list as clear as possible: The enemies in question must be disgusting. This can range from being visually disgusting, metaphorically disgusting or even disgusting in flavour (no, we’re not on about their actual taste but what stories they may have behind them). This weeks Top 10 was chosen by you, so join in with choosing our next list at the end of the article!