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Top 10 – Elves

GeekOut Top 10s

Elves are a strange category to cover, when you think about how much difference there is between the term. Some people just see the pointy ears and immediately call them an elf. Other people believe there must be some innate magical property in order for them to be elves. Whatever you believe, today we’re going to look at our Top 10 Elves in film, literature, video games and more. (more…)

Top 10 Posing Characters

GeekOut Top 10s

Step 1 for powering up your special move: Strike a pose! Do you have a good special move? No? That’s because you can’t pose. No posing skills and we can’t take a great picture of you! But not to worry, as although we may not have your back, we have gathered some of the finest posers from geek history to show you how it’s done.

Get ready to freeze-frame for victory. It’s our Top 10 Posing Characters.


Top 10 Musical Characters In Games

We do so love a good song on this site. Oh so many of our Top 10s have featured music in some form or another, finally we come to acknowledge those songmasters and tunesmiths that make gaming just so much more magical.

Whether spinning songs to inspire, or using music as a weapon, be they flautist or axe-wielder, classicist or contemporary, if they could crank out a tune they earned our consideration. So join us as we take you through our picks…


Cosplay Update – Wait, what am I doing..?

So today I thought I’d just give you all a very quick update just to explain how well the Deku Link costume is coming along.

So, last time I showed off a few pictures of what’s happening, but to continue with that, I thought I’d actually give you a quick run down of… Um… Oh gosh.

Making the tunic thing skirt

So, Deku Link as you can see quite clearly here has a…

... Tunic.

… Tunic.


What am I doing with my time? Well, I made the skirt from scratch, the same as I did the hat. Quickly then, how did I make the skirt? How long did it take?

Did I ever mention that my mini sewing machine which I bought from Amazon is broken? It’s so broken, that even someone who uses sewing machines on a regular basis said “… Just go get a new one. A proper one this time.”

So, I’m going to be saving up a few quid each month to get me a proper sewing machine. I’m going to start with a basic Brother model and if I like it enough, I’ll probably be doing more sewing tutorials (… Not because I like sewing or anything, but for cosplay. Um… Shut up. I’m liking my sewing sessions now.)

Simple fabric for the simple guy.

Simple fabric for the simple guy.

So first of all, I got me a large piece of material and folded it in half. I’ll explain why shortly. The material I used is the same material as that of my hat. The reason for this is it’s quite hard to tell if the fabric is different. I decided it wouldn’t be, so all of the clothing pieces are made of some form of green felt.

Measurements taken: Waist. Widest point of hips. Waist to just below knee.

With this information, I knew the different measurements I’d need to work on this tunicskirt. I’m sorry, I’ll never stop insulting this piece because for crying out loud, I’ve just made a damned skirt for myself. I’m not Scottish, thus it’s not a kilt I’m afraid. Plus, it’s the wrong fabric. I’m doomed to be called a skirt wearing guy. But it should be for something adorable. I hope.


Why did you fold it in half?

I folded the fabric in half to save room mostly, plus to get the two sides even. As such, when I finished cutting it, I knew I had to just sew the two sides together.

I realise as well that many people would do two separate pieces of fabric for this, thus leading to a possibly neater piece of clothing, but I’ll be honest: I didn’t think of that at the time. I just wanted something that’d look the part and be sturdy enough to be worn.

I hope no one tugs on it on the day of début, mind. That would be incredibly embarrassing!


Back to making it

Okay, so with my fabric cut out, I needed to make the hemline. If you don’t know what a hemline is, basically, you fold fabric in on itself and sew it. You do this so you don’t get any nasty looking straggly bits and loose threads just poking out all around the place.

Once the hemlines were in, I had to sew the two ends together.

But wait, I sewed this on the wrong side?

But wait, I sewed this on the wrong side?

Yeah, you should always do the sewing on the bit of the fabric you don’t want to see. See, when you finish your project, you’ll then turn it inside out to show what you actually want on display. In my case here, I didn’t want to be showing off the side of the fabric above, but instead the smoother side of the fabric. So, you should always sew on the wrong side of the fabric.

You can see how much of a ham job I did of sewing this, eh?

The last thing to do is to make an elastic waistband. That’s simply done by cutting some elastic to about 92-94% of your actual waist measurement from earlier. So, grab a calculator if you need to and type your waistsize in either centimeters or inches (depending how you work, I guess!) * 0.92 or * 0.94. In my case, my waist size was 34″ at time of writing. So I did 34 * .92 which gave me 31.28. I rounded that to 31.5 – Just because I could.

My rather cunning waistband.

My rather cunning waistband.

I cheated when I made this band! You might notice that not only is it quite a thin band, but it’s… got this black thing around it. What is that black thing? It’s duct tape. Seriously, that’s what that is. I duct-taped the band together and it’s held it together incredibly well. I’d not recommend you do this for your project, but that’s what I did.

So I sewed the elastic to the wrong side of the fabric once more and then I pulled over a bit of the fabric that was above the waistband over it. Then I sewed that again. Do you realise how much sewing I did thanks to this project!? I’m seriously finally getting the hang of sewing thanks to making this from scratch.

So how does it look?

This was as good a picture as I could get. I apologise. Seriously.

This was as good a picture as I could get. I apologise. Seriously.

Well, it’s… a skirt.
I won’t get picked on. Ever.


Well, there’s been a bit more since then… But I thought I’d actually explain how everything was done so if you ever felt like getting into cosplay and think sewing is a hard thing to do, it’s not. But what I’d seriously suggest is YOU GET A GOD DAMN SEWING MACHINE.

Sewing just the hems took me a good 25-30 minutes on each part! Seriously, it’s so tedious, but it is pretty relaxing in the long run. Just have your earphones in, sit down and get on with it. That’s what I did.

Oh, right…


Costume Number 4.

What is my 4th costume now going to be, now that I’ve dropped Felix? I thought I’d gather the bits and pieces for the costume. But the most important piece of the costume is this:

Oh crap, the camera almost saw me properly then!

Oh crap, the camera almost saw me properly then!

Yes, that is just an orange beanie hat. So, what do you think this is going to be for? I can tell you, that’s a pretty big give away, as it’s one of his main features. Other things to note, he raps. No, I’m not cosplaying as Eminem. I don’t know if Eminem has ever owned an orange beanie, but if you’re reading this Eminem – Don’t worry, I’m not going to do a dreadful cosplay/impression of you. That’d be downright disrespectful on my part.

Another thing about this rapper with an orange beanie hat, he’s gotta believe.


Have you all guessed what costume 4 is yet? What did you think of my quick but pretty useless “tutorial“? Let me know what you thought as ever and of course, I look forward to showing you more cosplay updates in the very near future!