Inventory Hoarding

My name is Joel Smith, I am a hoarder.

I suppose the worst of it has been my need to build new houses to store my stuff, and to have somewhere nearby where I can drop things off. In my line of work I find myself encountering a lot of valuables, and they’re just there for me to walk away with, it’s a kind of salvage operation in dangerous areas, so I’m ultimately restoring a lot of valuable items to the general public, and I will sell them on, but I guess there’s only so much people can buy from me at any given time, so I end up sitting on a small stockpile of… I dunno, ebony hammers? Spells scrolls? Piles of dragon bones? Continue reading “Inventory Hoarding”

Dungeon Situational – An Item Set

Items sets have been a classic component of RPGs for many years, perhaps most commonly in ARPGs. Groups of lootable items brought together by a shared history, each powerful in their own right, but together immensely potent. They might have been crafted together to work in unison, or perhaps they were brought together once and never again can be divided.

In this, as in most other Dungeon Situational articles, the items below are written with the Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition rules in mind, but can be modified to suit any edition or system you choose. Presenting…

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Loot Crate

I’ve been back and forth in my mind about Loot Crate for some time, but it’s finally time to share this with others and see what others make of it!

Loot Crate is pretty well known now, but any extra exposure is a good thing, right? So for geeks everywhere, there is Loot Crate.


What do you get?

Loot Crate gives you a random box every month, on a recurring package. Every month, you pay a certain amount and you get given a crate, often worth more than what you pay. The contents of a Loot Crate box is varied and sometimes you might not get the same thing as other people. You get “one of a series” of items. It’s a good way to get geek culture exposure and for a product to get recognised.

This is the only time I can truly understand these unboxing videos, as they are a surprise each month.

You seem to become aware of the months “themes” quite quickly with the Loot Crates, but once you’ve gotten the theme, you’ll get items mostly associated with that theme. The current one on the website is “Titan” themed. Ooh err!

There are some big names partnered with Loot Crate, too! Names such as Marvel, DC Collectibles, Nintendo, there’s something for the geek in everyone, no matter what your geekdom.

How much is it?

Depending where you are, the price does somewhat vary. For the US, it’s $13.37 per month plus shipping and handling. For anywhere outside of the US, it’s quite a bit more expensive at $29.95 per month, but with shipping and handling included.

I’ve been reserved in going out to get these, as I’ve been trying to suss out: Should I, or should I not go for it? It seems great as I adore little figurines (Such as my adorable chibi-Qubeley figurine).

He's so small and Qube-- I mean cute.
He’s so small and Qube– I mean cute.

What do you think of the idea of Loot Crate?
Who thinks I should at least do a trial and do a small update to this post about the Loot Crate I receive? It’ll likely not be until next months Loot Crate, thus it’d be late April if I did get it… But hey, if I get people recommend it, I will try it at least once.