Top 10 Pink Characters

Pink is a bold colour, don’t you think? It’s often depicted as a colour of love, or a colour of everything soft and kind. However pink is so much more than that – For some characters, pink is just who they are. Today we’re on a mission to find the best pink characters in all forms of media. Whether it’s video games, anime, cartoons or even the colourful world of pro wrestling, here are our Top 10 Pink Characters.

Pink is a bold colour, don’t you think? It’s often depicted as a colour of love, or a colour of everything soft and kind. However pink is so much more than that – For some characters, pink is just who they are. Today we’re on a mission to find the best pink characters in all forms of media. Whether it’s video games, anime, cartoons or even the colourful world of pro wrestling, here are our Top 10 Pink Characters.

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Geeking Out Hard – Pro Wrestling

I’ve mentioned it before on this site, but I really love professional wrestling.

I mean seriously; how can it be that a 24 year old male who values diversity, equality, respect and friendship over everything else be so enamoured with such a rough form of entertainment like professional wrestling? Let me start with some background then a more in depth look at the industry.

CM Punks logo, proclaiming he is the Best In The World.

As I’ve previously mentioned on my first post about the WWE, I started watching thanks to a pro wrestler called Phil Brooks. He laid out this amazing promo for an upcoming match against the industries top dog, John Cena. Cena has been a world champion more times than you have fingers on your hands – Most get one or two runs and that’s it. Cena has had to date 15 world championship runs. CM Punk (Phil Brooks) however agreed with many of his fans on the internet; the Internet Wrestling Community (IWC). He ranted about how he was going to take the title off of Cena, leave the company with the championship and then he went and dropped many vocal “pipebombs”.

Yes, he captured for me the essence of what pro wrestling was. If you like pro wrestling and you don’t like CM Punk, that’s fine. We’re all entitled to our opinions. However, this article isn’t about CM Punk. This article is about how geeky professional wrestling actually is under the hood. Let’s go back to the olden days of pro wrestling for a moment.

The Iron Sheik was arguably one of the most recognisable villains of old.


The old days

In the old days, there were good guys and bad guys, much like your stories of heroes and villains. You cheered for the good guys and you hoped the good guys would reign supreme over the bad guys! If the bad guys won, it was a major upset and it was horrible! You rooted for men like ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan and Hulk Hogan. You were then meant to boo men such as the Iron Sheik and Eric Bischoff. Much respect to The Iron Sheik as he’s still up to his evil tomfoolery today.

Not only were there good guys and bad guys, but professional wrestling had its own lingo used backstage. It went ridiculously far to try and protect its image: “Good guys” and “bad guys” were not seen sharing a hotel. Some went to such lengths to not be seen with their opponents before matches, that some have had to fabricate stories or even go out of their way to make it seem like them being in the same area was a major problem. These story lines far extended from the boundaries of the squared circle, they were real to the fans damn it.

Whenever men like the Macho Man Randy Savage spoke, they listened. Why is it that the words of these professional wrestlers, worldwide entertainers, were so strong to us? Let’s skip forward some years now and let’s look at the modern WWE.

In the modern WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment, there has been a shift – A large portion of their fan base has changed. The backstage lingo has been leaked and people, including myself, knows about some of the terms and we follow it for more than just the matches: We watch it and hope that the guys we find the most talented will go far.

But why do we watch it like this? Why can’t we just watch a simple match and enjoy it?


Simple differences between pro wrestling and traditional wrestling fans

I enjoy wrestling. I think it’s a brilliant sport and has been a major attraction in the Olympics for a very long time. With all of the success of wrestling in the Olympics and around the world then, where does professional wrestling fit into it all?

I think I have noticed that pro wrestling fans and traditional wrestling fans have differences in interest. I enjoy watching two people grapple one another and score pins over one another. I enjoy the technical prowess of some of these men, as well as the pure brute strength they possess. Their core strength alone says enough about these individuals, but to see how they counter and turn, scoring points over their opponents – It’s incredible! The modern fan of professional wrestling however are really interested in the spots, which are usually brilliant, but these are highly planned.

Oh, let me apologise as I just jumped the gun – What do I mean by “spots”? This is a term used in the industry. A spot is defined as a planned sequence of actions for a move or event within a match. For example; if the wrestler Glenn Jacobs (Kane) were to use his famous chokeslam, he would stand back and signal the chokeslam. This gets the crowd excited as they know the move that’s about to happen to the opponent, when Glenn then waits for the opponent to turn around and taste a chokeslam from hell. In a future post, I’ll describe various well known terms within the industry and what they all mean.

The video I linked above shows “Kanes 20 top chokeslams“. This is another point about professional wrestling: It gets people going. It gets you excited for the next weeks events in Monday Night RAW and Friday Night Smackdown – Or whatever promotion you watch. Be it TNA, Chikara, New Japan Pro Wrestling – Whatever you watch – you’ve likely watched it because the promoters have played to its core audience: You.

Technology advances story

The WWE has gone really far and have done as much as they can to incorporate and capitalise on the Internet Wrestling Community. Triple H has mocked the IWC, as a jab at them and to make them angry – Helping fuel the want to see the matches coming up. The fans will laugh, the fans will chuckle – but since the WWE have kept up with current technology and current affairs, even going so far as to make their own damned on-demand network, they will always be on top of stories.

Heck, the amount of times a feud has been started or rekindled thanks to using services such as Twitter, it’s amazing! It’s clever story telling done in a really simple way. The stories will never win “Golden Oscar Gummy-Gram Of The Year 2014”. But what they will do is simply what they say they will do on the tin: Entertain.

Oh – Let’s also not forget: Some of these professional wrestlers theme tunes are simply out of this world.

Geeking Out

So, the reason I chose this as my “Geeking Out Hard” post, is that I have huge respect for these wrestlers. Thanks to professional wrestling and cosplaying, I have realised how much fitter I want to be. Before I was watching professional wrestling, I was 19 stone (266lbs). That’s big enough to be a 6 foot plus super muscular wrestler! That was all thanks to being lazy and fat, plus I’m a short man. Once I got into professional wrestling, I wanted to lose weight and lose it fast.

Yes Ziggler; I really do wish I could pull this off.

So, I took up a better diet and I went to a gym. As of the time of writing, I am 12 stone (168lbs). This sounds great, but I have a long way to go still. I realise I still have a long way to go but I am happy with my accomplishments so far. Thanks to how fit the wrestlers are, I have taken to looking after myself better. I don’t gorge myself with unnecessary junk food, instead I work to make sure I am going to live a healthier lifestyle. All thanks to men such as CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan – These are three men who I look at and see a brilliant physique – And I want that. They have given me something to work towards.

But then there’s the IWC, too! Without them, I’d not be writing this article. If you’re part of the IWC – Drop us a comment. Let me know your feelings about this post. Perhaps this post is a poor representation of the industry to you and you’d like to share your views? Let us know!


What did you all think? Come join in with my little rant and love about professional wrestling. Alternatively – Tell me what you don’t like about it! I can understand why people don’t like it; I’d love to see your views on it! Whether you like it or not – Comment guys! Until next time, this has been Timlah and he has been Geeking Out Hard.