Berserk review!

Some anime are made to be shocking, some are made to be really darn cool. Other anime are romantic in their own way. This is an interesting blend of all of those and so much more (hold out for the romance, trust me…). I would regard this as one of the great anime of the late 90’s.

Some anime are made to be shocking, some are made to be really darn cool. Other anime are romantic in their own way. This is an interesting blend of all of those and so much more (hold out for the romance, trust me…). I would regard this as one of the great anime of the late 90’s. The anime was ahead of the game for its time and the manga was quite influential to a really famous game of today, Dark Souls.

Berserk is an incredibly popular manga, but the anime didn’t do quite as well. No, don’t worry – The anime series is incredibly fun to watch. Let me put this into context for you: Amongst my favourite anime are some of the cheesiest series imaginable. I adore Nichijou, I absolutely loved Working! and I love Dragonball for it’s cheekiness, as well as Dragonball Z for how over the top it became… Then there’s Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo… So where does Berserk stand amongst these?



Oh death, gore, blood and demons! Yeah..!

So Berserk follows a lone warrior called Guts, who used to travel and fight for different groups here and there. A mercenary, as it were. Guts then comes across Griffith of the legendary Band of the Hawk. Griffith bests Guts in combat and Guts is forced to join the Band of the Hawk. He does so well with them that he quickly becomes a Raid Leader for the company. The Band of the Hawk fight against demon-like entities called Apostles, humans who have made a pledge (a sacrifice) to The God Hand, a group of archdemons.

A part of this series that truly set it apart from many other shows I had been watching at the time, was the strong theme of friendship. It felt like the anime wasn’t quite what the manga was, which explores deeper meanings. The anime, albeit gory and fast paced, felt like it was showing people the importance of coming together… Okay and a lot of gore.


The biggest crime of this series, however, is that it didn’t finish. This is a long standing manga series that was adapted to anime and it only ran over two arcs, or 25 episodes in total. With the amount of content in the world of Berserk, you’d think we’d have gotten further than we did. I’ll go more into further anime of Berserk shortly, but the first arc was over with in just one episode… Aptly episode 1! One interesting thing is although there are some strong differences in the anime series from it’s manga source, it manages to retain the story of the manga quite faithfully. So whilst there are differences, you are effectively getting the same story – Not bad going!

In 2012, two of three films came out for Berserk: the Golden Arc. The Berserk anime series followed the Golden Arc, but these films represented the start of an adaptation for the whole of the Berserk manga series. In 2013, the third of the film series came out and all three films were met quite positively. They were released by Viz Pictures and hopefully they’ll keep adapting more of the manga into films.

Also, what is up with this incredibly unfitting opening theme music?

Over all, Berserk (the original series) is brutally harsh but wonderfully well executed. It’s gory and it doesn’t hide from the series, although there are masses of modifications, a lot of detail hiding and it didn’t continue, opting out at just 2 arcs in. One day, perhaps we’ll see more of Berserk turned into films, like the three Golden Arc films. One thing is for certain though: If you’re into action, gory, bloody anime – this is one of the greatest ones of all time.

4/5 for Berserk!

Have you seen Berserk? Are you a fan of the serious Guts character? What about Griffith and his burning desire to be king? Comments below, over on Facebook or on Twitter and let’s discuss this one further!

Interview with Mangatellers

We love a good interview here, especially when it’s with some brilliant content creators. Today is no exception. Last week we did our last Kickstarter Highlight for the year, which was about Remember ur Nature (R.u.N), a shonen styled manga about parkour. This week then, we’re following in our urban running adventures to get to know the team behind R.u.N, Mangatellers.

I’ve been talking to Fillis quite regularly and I’ve been learning a lot about the team and their desire to create great content. So be prepared as we look to get geeky, have a look at some manga, talk about their Kickstarter campaign, get festive and then get advice for the rest of us.

Interview with Mangatellers


1) Welcome to GeekOut South-West! Can you first introduce the team and who you all are?

Hello GeekOut South-West!

Mangatellers are Hatzopoulos Kariofyllis Chris, and Voutsidis Raphael. We’re the screenplay writers/creators and producers of the manga series we publish. The other two members of the team are Lagouvardos Manos, the main artist and Efimidis Nikitas, the 3D graphic Designer/assistant artist.

2) It’s fair to say that the Mangatellers crew have been extremely busy with their Kickstarter campaign. Can you explain the inspiration behind your shonen-esque R.u.N?

It’s true that we are really busy with the promotion of our Kickstarter campaign for R.u.N. Volume #1, which is a shonen sports manga about Parkour in Japan. It’s our first time joining a crowdfunding platform and it’s really stressful, but we are positive for the final outcome!

All the members of Mangatellers Team are fans of shonen manga. We the writers especially love; Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist and Fairy Tail, but our passion are sports manga, like Hajimme No Ippo, Hakyui, Kuroko No Basket, Eyeshield 21 and Air Gear. Sports manga have a different feeling in them and it’s very challenging to create a sports story, which will intrigue the crowd!


3) When did you decide you needed to turn to Kickstarter to help your manga reach new audiences?

Kickstarter is currently the best crowd-funding platform for comics. We haven’t seen a lot of Kickstarter manga campaigns though. All the funds that the campaign will raise, if it is successful, will be used to cover the printing cost for R.u.N. Volume #1 and of course the shipping cost to the backers worldwide. The amount of money we needed may seem big for an independent team, but Greece has a heavy taxation system and with the Kickstarter fees a big portion of the funds will go there. Also crowd-funding isn’t very popular in Greece, that’s why we chose Kickstarter to reach new audiences from across the seas.

4) What was the driving factor behind being a Greece-based manga team?

Indeed! We are a Greek team, which creates Japanese manga! 

The driving factor is our love for this art form and our passion for the Japanese Tradition and Pop Culture. That’s why we are officially working with the Japanese Embassy in Greece. The Cultural Section of the Japanese Embassy in Greece has acknowledged our efforts to promote manga in Europe and to organize events related to Japanese Pop Culture, Tradition and Art.

Also the anime and manga community in Greece is very active lately and it is expanding. We are happy to see a rapid development in our country regarding our beloved hobbies.


5) How did the Mangatellers team first meet?

We (Fillis and Raphael) have been best friends since kindergarten! We have known each other for a very long time and our love for anime and manga started at an early age. When we graduated from high school we decided to study screenplay writing and direction tutorials on our own. After four years of reading and studying, we decided to write the screenplay for R.u.N. and become an official team.

In 2010 we met Manos Lagouvardos in a Greek convention. Manos had published the first Volume of his personal work, Galaxia. His art style was amazing and we decided to reach out to him and propose for him to become the team’s main artist. When Manos read the screenplay of our works, he gladly accepted the position of the main manga-ka and together we have published two manga one-shots (“Wifi Wars” and “Thessaloniki Through Time”), followed by eight chapters of R.u.N.

In 2010 we started working with Nikitas Efimidis, because we wanted a graphic designer for our site. Nikita’s passion for anime and manga was also huge and that’s why he started working with us.

Finally in 2012 we reached Elijah K, who is the music composer of our team in order to create a song for the animated intro of our second manga series Mythos.

Mythos is currently under development. Since 2012 Elijah K has composed numerous songs for our site and he is the main composer of nine tracks of R.u.N. OST, which we give as a prize in most of the perks of our Kickstarter Campaign.


6) Here on GeekOut South-West, we are fascinated by peoples passion for all that is geek. What other geeky interests do you all have?

We love movies and video games! Raphael loves playing League of Legends and watching anime series and movies. His personal favourite anime is Hunter X Hunter and his favourite movies and books are the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Game of Thrones! Fillis loves playing video games in general, especially J-RPGs and his favourite anime series is Hajimme No Ippo. He is also a huge fan of Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

7) We are in the festive mood here, so do you have any plans for the Christmas holidays?

Yeah! Same here. We are planning to publish a Christmas mini manga for the Kickstarter campaign. Other than that we are spending Christmas Holidays with our loved ones and our families.


8) Why did you make R.u.N free for everyone to read online before this campaign?

We want to share with everyone our stories online for free. We want readers to have full access to the online content. The printing versions of our stories have the form of a collectible that the true fans would like to have.

It’s not easy for anyone to accept that a Greek team can create Original Japanese Manga stories. What’s more is that it’s a team that seeks funding for their manga! We believe that the viewer should first read our work and then if he/she likes it, then donate!

9) Before we wrap up this interview, what ways can we keep up with the Mangatellers team?

You can always check our site: Mangatellers.

You can also follow us via social media!
Twitter: @Mangatellers,
DeviantArt: Mangatellers Deviantart

And watch our videos in our youtube channel!

10) Finally you are our Super Sensei Guru for this week and a new group of manga-ka are looking for advice about running their own manga. They want to know more about an effective team for their series, what makes Mangatellers such a good team?

Friendship, effort, lots of research and luck. We spend countless hours researching stuff for our stories and we are lucky enough to have in our team such talented artists as Manos, Nkitas and Elijah! All the members of Mangatellers are friends, who are trying hard to accomplish their dream!

We wish a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

I’d like to extend my thanks to the whole of the Mangatellers team as well as wishing them a merry Christmas, along with a happy new year!

So once more we’ve had an exclusive interview with great content creators. We hope you’ve all enjoyed looking at the artwork from R.u.N. as well as hearing what the Mangatellers team had to say. Remember, their comic is online for free for everyone to read, so what’s stopping you from reading it?

Have you read R.u.N.? What did you think of it? Do you like the direction the team have gone in? As always, please comment below and we’ll see you again soon.

Merry Christmas everybody!