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Mobile Game Review: Mario Kart Tour

The first Mario Kart title, Super Mario Kart, was released back in 1992. In this time, we’ve seen many iterations, spanning many different consoles. Since the success of Pokémon Go, Nintendo has become a lot more interested in utilising mobile technologies. Super Mario Jump was great, but today, we’re going to check out Mario Kart Tour, which came out fairly recently. I managed to snap the game up on the day of release and hey, it’s another free title!


Portable Chargers: What To Look Out For

If you’re like me, then you have a mobile device that loves to just die; It gives up and it goes kaput. You’re in the middle of an important call when suddenly the phone says “remember that 10% of battery you had? Sykes! You have 0% now, loser!” What if you just really love to play Candy Crush Saga on your phone? Well then, might I be able to recommend you invest in a portable charger/charging bank? Join Timlah as we look through portable chargers and what you should look out for when purchasing one.