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Getting Back Into Blender

So on Wednesday, I told you all that I was getting back into Unity as my goal for next year. Naturally, this has led to me going onto using Blender as well. If you’re not aware of Blender, this is a free and open-source 3D graphics application. You can create simple models, or even fully fledged complex ones. You can create textures, animations and much more through Blender. Using Blender and Unity together makes perfect sense; Blender is in fact fairly easy to use, once you’ve given yourself some time. However in the time I’ve been away, a lot has changed.


Common Wargame Scenery Materials

Whether your buying pre-made, building from a kit or crafting for yourself, when making scenery for tabletop wargames or RPGs there are a few materials that are most commonly used due to ease, price, and effectiveness. You can use anything you like of course, but there are some definite favourites, and it’s a surprisingly common conversation.

Here’s a few things to consider when deciding how to populate your table. (more…)

Game Design with Timlah – 3D Models

As I’ve been working towards the game I’m making, which now has a working title (Search Within), I decided that since I’m making a 3D game with 2D sprites, the thing that’s going to take the most time is all of the the 3D Models that are going to be in the game.

One tricky little bit I’m perceiving is the X Y Z axis of a 3D model compared to the XY axis of a 2D model. An interesting point with this is that even all of the objects could potentially be bigger than the sprites. But, I thought I’d look at the modelling software Blender and show people the process of using Blender to make a single 3D Model. In the last Game Design with Timlah, we looked at the free assets on the Unity asset store.