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Top 10 Charging Beasts

GeekOut Top 10s

Chaaaaaarge… With bestial rage, these beasts will charge at great speeds! Whether or not they’re portrayed as charging everywhere, or if they just charge when they have to, this week’s Top 10 is dedicated to those beasts who would charge everywhere. Whether they’re charging into action, or they’re just charging and tearing through their enemies, these are the beasts that just keep moving.


Video Games To Look Forward To in 2018

We’re fast approaching the new year, with Christmas in just 5 days! Every year, us gamers look forward to something new, something exciting and something completely different. However, we’re also a bunch of people who are rather fond of habits, so sequels and expansions upon franchises are always much desired. In 2018, we’re going to get some interesting new IP, along with some awesome new sequels. Similar to last year’s post about what we should look forward to in 2017, it’s time to look towards 2018 and see a few games we really should be throwing our wallets at our monitors for.

I swear I’m going to knock my monitor over if I keep doing that.


Top 10 Dinosaurs

You don’t have to be a bonehead to appreciate the magnificence of the majestic, yet extinct beasts that are dinosaurs. Take for instance, the not so humble T-Rex, who ends up in just about everything relating to dinosaurs. But this isn’t a list of the very best in T-Rex, no, this is way better than that. This is our list of our personal favourite dinosaurs. So buckle up, get ready to have a prehistoric snack or two (please check the expiratory date) and enjoy this weeks’ Top 10!