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NaNoWriMo 2019

Every year, we like to mention NaNoWriMo. It’s an exciting month, where writers across the world take up the challenge. Can they get their novels written? Can they do it in just one month? That’s the challenge laid before all takers in November, where writers must write at least 50,000 words and submit their daily accomplishments to the NaNoWriMo website. Every year, I’ve been fortunate enough to watch people take part. From friends and acquaintances, to complete strangers across Twitter and Facebook. This year, I want to be one of the crazy people who completes their novel in November. Here’s a little bit of information in prepping for NaNoWriMo.



NaNoWriMo 2018

National Novel Writing Month is back once again, marking the 20th year since the event begun. If you’ve never heard of it, or if you’re only vaguely aware, I think it’s always worth sharing what this is at this time of year, because hey, even if you’re not ready to take the plunge yourself this year, there’s always time to get yourself ready for the next one! In today’s article, I’ll discuss a bit of the history of National Novel Writing Month, what you can do to get involved and also some tips on how to work through your writing bug, without breaking the bank balance.


NaNo Update


After two failures to even start an entry for National Novel Writing Month, I foolishly decided to turn this year’s entry over to you, asking you to help me pick the genre, overarcing story, a cast of characters, and the remaining features.

To begin with, I am behind.

Not horrendously so, nothing I can’t recover I swear. I’ve picked up the pace quite dramatically of late so I should be able to finish on time, and I’ve just started the second act, so the narrative is now officially in full flow. So while I’m busy getting on with it, here’s a quick summary of what I’ve done so far. (more…)