Happy 2016 from GeekOut

From Joel and Timlah of GeekOut, have a happy new year. I hope new years’ day goes well for you all and that you have much success this year! Here’s a look-back at 2015 for us.

From Joel and Timlah of GeekOut, have a happy new year. I hope new years’ day goes well for you all and that you have much success this year! Here’s a look-back at 2015 for us.

Oskar Says Thanks

Look at this, the earliest time we’ve ever released a GeekOut article: at 1 minute past midnight. We’re in the New Year here in the UK! Now that 2016 is upon us, why not look back at some of the articles Joel and I consider to be our personal favourites and best of the past year.




Now that 2015 is behind us, I think for me I am proudest of GeekOut the meetup group. We’ve built a fantastic, all-inclusive community of like-minded geeks. We’re able to say without any shadow of a doubt that we’ve built from what we started the year with and made it turn into an event that truly feels special. From a simple recurring meetup joke that’s now turned into our official mascot, Gordon the GeekOut Goat (more on that in the first quarter of 2016), to the humongous Christmas meetup we had last month, we can tell there’s a shift in perception about our group.


We’re serious, we’re here and here are some of my favourite articles about the Meetup events:

However, moving away from the meetup, I’m also proud of some of the articles and galleries I ran this year. I’m keen to bring you geek culture in all of its glory throughout the year, I’m also proud of the advances we’ve made in our social platform:


I’ve learned a lot this year, discovered a great deal about my personal writing style, mostly by coming down from my lectern and climbing up on a soapbox. Getting a little into film review and critique has raised my analytical skills, and generally discussing my experiences as an overt and perhaps excessively geeky person in day to day life have caused me to be far more analytical of myself.

This was also an incredible year of accomplishments for me, two interviews with some very important people; Gerry Anderson’s son Jamie, who’s in the process of restoring the ultramarionation style his father made famous, and Professor Elemental, who can proudly proclaim – at the very least – an major part in the founding of a genre. I also finally had a stab at NaNoWriMo, granted it failed but I’ll be trying again next year, and this time I’ll be doing it ~snigger~ write.

All in all, this has been the third year of dramatic change for me, and almost all of it positive. This year coming will also see my second anniversary with GeekOut, and having helped take this show from strength to strength has been an incredible experience that piles positivity on top of positivity. Here’s to a fourth year of growth.

2015 was a highly successful year for us both: We were considered worthy to be press pass holders for EGX Rezzed and Kitacon[link]. We took full advantage of this: For Rezzed, we held interviews with developers and hosted the audio over on Soundcloud. Eventually, I’d like to get this ported over to YouTube.

Our biggest interview yet was with Professor Elemental and both Joel and I worked tirelessly on this. Joel came up with some truly fun and unique questions for the quirky professor and I managed to turn him into a prime minister. Kind of. Make sure to have a listen to Joels’ interview with the professor and feel free to laugh with the dreadful animation I provided!

We’re here in 2016 and we’re a duo of the proudest geeks you’ve ever met, so brace yourself as we’re coming to make this another successful year. What’s your plans for 2016? Let us know in the comments below, or join in the conversation over on Facebook and Twitter. Articles will resume at the normal time (9am) tomorrow, so in the meantime have a Happy New Years’ Day!

Re-Introductions Required

With the new year approaching, this is a time we reflect and look forward all at once. Today I found myself considering that this year I have not discovered much, no new bands, I’ve played almost no new games, and I don’t think I’ve even read a new comic, let alone any new books, and it’s not for lack of desire, in all cases I either lack the time or can’t find anything that captures my attention so utterly that I simply have to know more. A few great films have come out, and T.V. series, but nothing truly original, mostly remakes or Marvel properties.

But really it’s not been a wasted effort. On looking back I find that most of my experiences this year have been about remaking, and about shedding new light on things I’d already experienced once before, revisiting things I know and finding that I could still discover more. Continue reading “Re-Introductions Required”

Timlahs’ Cosplay Projects of 2016

Cosplay is still a major passion of mine, something that I go through a roller-coaster of emotions for. In the New Year, I intend to be doing a few new costumes and picking up the slack on ones I’ve sort of left by the side. These are my costume plans for the New Year, along with what characters you should expect me to be working on.

Cosplay is still a major passion of mine, something that I go through a roller-coaster of emotions for. In the New Year, I intend to be doing a few new costumes and picking up the slack on ones I’ve sort of left by the side. These are my costume plans for the New Year, along with what characters you should expect me to be working on.

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Happy New Year from Joel

Tomorrow I’ll be booking tickets to go to Kitacon. In the mean time, there is a great deal to be done.

There’s a lot I’ve unfortunately had to set aside over the christmas period that have gone on a list to achieve in the next few weeks, but putting that list together I’ve settled on a few other things that I’ve been putting off, neglecting, or completely forgetting over the last year. I’m not a man for new year’s resolutions, of the last two years I simply decided to be more awesome, turned out to be a surprisingly effective attitude to take, but now perhaps I ought to get a little more specific.

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The New Year is here

Welcome to GeekOut South-West, Jan 1st 2014.

Yes, we’ve entered a new year and there are some goals for GeekOut this year as well as personal goals. But let me go through my personal goals this year before I go through anything else.

  1. Continue the weight loss – A normal goal for most people to do in the new year is to say “Eat less” or “Lose weight”. I’m not going to lose weight. I’m not going to eat less. I’m going to continue the path I’ve been going. I’m going to keep up with my calorie controlled diet and still be able to enjoy myself. I will also be going on with my exercises, for greater health.
  2. Finish all projects I start – Yes, another normal goal that people strive for. I intend to see through a lot more of my projects. I have been known to get onto far too many projects, which is fine and all, but I don’t manage to finish all of them. This year, this is changing. Why this year specifically? Well, no reason – I’ll try to use zodiacs here by saying it’s the year of the horse.
  3. Meet many new people – Aha, not quite a normal goal, but I am sure some have this. Yes, I intend to meet more people. GeekOut has launched the beginning of this transition into meeting new people and that’s exactly what this group and blog is all about. Like-minded people meeting in a neutral environment, expanding their social network and lamenting over the things they love the most.

So those are my personal goals… What are GeekOuts goals?

  1. Meet many new people – Isn’t this a cop-out response from me? Well, yes. Yes it is. The whole purpose of GeekOut was simply to get geeks together to talk about all things geeky. There’s no limit as to what we could talk about. What is geeky? Well it has to have a fandom as I’ve mentioned many times on this site. So long as there are fans and it’s not mainstream, I’m sure it could be taken as a geeky literal.
  2. Expand – I am considering expanding the blog! The amazing support of the blogging community is quite overwhelming, so much so, I may expand the blog some time soon!
  3. Attend events together – As mentioned, I like my new hobby: cosplaying. As such, I am looking to organise trips to conventions to meet with GeekOut readers/the social group regulars and the likes. There’ll be information on here soon enough when a plan is actually formulated!


Since we’re on the subject of the new year, I have begun my first day of my Dryathlon – First day went without a hitch. No worries here – Just 30 more days to go. Thanks to the people who have donated so far for Cancer Research UK. I’m hoping to raise even more!

So – What are your new years resolutions? Please do comment!


Good afternoon all,

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m working on an Edward Elric cosplay. It’s going quite slowly right now, as weight is still my biggest hurdle. It’ll constantly be my biggest hurdle for years to come, the same with many people, I am sure. I am not unique to enjoying food, however, I need to get through this for my own sake, I say.

I was planning on doing (roughly) 3 months of no drinking (Ending on March 28th, so just under 3 months). Now, now, this doesn’t mean there’ll be no GeekOut socials, I’ll just be drinking diet coke and can even potentially be a designated driver (Beep, beep!)

Once the New Year is in, I will be without beers (again) until Kitacon. This is all well and good, but I have seen that there is a “Dryathlon“.

The Dryathlon is a fund-raising event by Cancer Research UK, where the participant is to not drink booze for the whole month of January. Hey, this is pretty cool and all, as this is what I was going to do anyway – and this way, my drink-free lifestyle will also be to raise money for charity. So this is a plea to all of you… And I do apologise for taking to the blog for this, but if just one of you donates, it’s a small step towards the small goal I have on there and my real life goal. I’m the type of person: If I say I’m going to do something like this, it’ll happen done.

If I exceed my goal, I’ll keep updating everyone of the booze free lifestyle until Kitacon instead of just a weekly update during the Dryathlon month. That’s right, Kitacon will be the time I can enjoy some booze once more.

The goal is a modest £150, which is what the site kind of suggested to go for… So I’ll go for that! If this is exceeded, then fantastic, as I say, I’ll keep this site updated with a weekly post about what I did instead of going to the pub to drink booze. Even the times I go to the pub, it’ll be booze free.

Thanks for reading everyone, if just one person clicks on the link, it makes a big difference.

Any donation is better than no donation, though there’s no obligation to donate!


To cover all bases, I thought I’d just mention: the usual GeekOut posts will still happen throughout January and beyond. I’ll just do an extra post every Friday to say what I did throughout the week and even give you extra facts such as: Weight loss for the week (if any), personal targets smashed (if any) or what I’m working on.

Thank you very much for reading – Now back to the usual GeekOut content.