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GeekOut Bristol Meet December 31st: The Final Countdown

18+ Event

It’s the final countdown! *Insert trumpet noises here.*

Our last ever event will take place on December 31st, in case you’re crazy enough to spend New Years Eve in a pub with some geeks.


Spend Your New Years With Us: GeekOut Bristol Meet – New Years Eve 2019!

It’s now close enough to Christmas to where we should be able to talk more about our New Year’s Eve 2019 event. We held one of these New Year’s Eve events in 2017 going into 2018. We were going to come back to for the 2018 New Year’s Eve, but circumstances dictated otherwise. Now, we’re back for another New Year’s Eve event filled with geeky fun. Want to know more? Good, read on and we’ll give you a summary of what’s happening, how you can join us and more!


GeekOut Bristol Meet – New Years Eve Into 2018!

18+ event

If you’ve got nothing to do on the 31st of December, I.E New Years Eve, then I think I have the solution for you. In the Old Market Tavern from 6pm, we’ll be hosting our second special GeekOut South-West New Years Eve event. You wanted it, you got it – We’re gonna hold our GeekOut Bristol Meet into the new year!

The meet was cosier at the last New Years Eve event.

An event where we’ll not have the books; but we’ll still have some games. An event where we’ll not have quite as big of an agenda, nor will we have as long as a usual GeekOut Bristol Meet – But we’ll be out ’til later!


GeekOut Bristol Meet – December 31st: HAPPY NEW YEAR Gallery

A ‘smaller’ GeekOut Bristol Meetup took place on New Years Eve, to celebrate in the new year. Each time the year adds a one to its digits column, you know you need to do something that’s bigger and better than the year before. It’s like an incredible race to be as good as you can be – But we often get waylayed by unforeseen circumstance, or we just get bored of making the best of ourselves. It’s inevitable for us as humans to do this too… But that’s not necessarily a bad thing! So, for one day of the year only, we forget all about everything we know and love… We stop working, we get to a party, or we have a quiet indoors affair, snuggle up as best we can and just enjoy the fireworks: Literally.


GeekOut Bristol Meet – December 31st: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Aha, you didn’t think we’d leave you with absolutely no information about what’s going to make our New Years Eve event so special now, did you? It’s a short event, which requires that you sign up to it – So clearly we’ll be doing something a little different. Well, finally, it’s time to reveal all about the New Years Eve GeekOut Meetup.