GeekOut Shrewsbury Meet – December: Gift Wrapped

Hey Joel, why were you late to the last ever GeekOut pre-meet? Well I’d like to blame it all on the traffic, getting into town was something of a nuisance because of all the extra people trying to get somewhere, and yes, Frankwell carpark was rather full of shoppers. But to be honest, my tardiness began well before then, I was held prisoner in my own home, emotionally blackmailed and manipulated into staying put for as long as possible…


Pre-Meet – The Pour House

Non-alcoholic espresso martini, good stuff. Pre-meet was far more relaxed than average, nobody desperate to break out an early game, mostly conversation and relaxation, a little light commiseration on the end of an era but generally a cheerful face turned toward the future.

Main Meet

After last month I still hadn’t sorted the games out in my car, thanks to Callum for helping me out with that one, took us a while to load up the trolley and there were a couple of hairy moments with Zombie Dice and magic cards almost falling into the boot of the car and chaos ensuing but we made it through. Now, the future of the boot of my car looks even worse, as it is overburdened with parting/christmas presents. But seriously, thank you to everyone.

I had an early christmas present to play with, and I did… but honestly I got thoroughly stuck into a cycle of Resistance and visceral rage. Walk away, socialise, talk to people for a while, be ready to go again, get my feelings hurt by people I thought I trusted… Oh and Magic! Played some Magic.

There were hugs, plans were made, presents were exchanged… and then I guess we left! Wow, this one went really fast.

The Box!

Oh yes, I didn’t forget about this one! In January you pledged yourself to certain geeky targets for the year, but how many other groups will hold you to your word? New Years Resolutions are so much more meaningful when they come back to haunt you in December.


Next Time


GeekOut Shrewsbury December ’18 – Gift Wrapped GeekOut

Last GeekOut Shrewsbury of the year, last GeekOut meet of the year altogether, and not a bad send off if I say so myself. It also marks our twenty first Shrewsbury Meet, so there’s a pointless little landmark for you. Merry Christmas everybody, whether you celebrate it or not, whether you enjoy it or not, Merry Tuesday at least. Here’s how we sent off the year…


Thank you to the Boiler Room, you guys have seen us through a disproportionate number of pre-meets. Cake, coffee, and environment are always welcoming, and you always seem prepared for us even when numbers are unexpectedly high.

Among this month’s more entertaining pre-meet moments, losing Murray for half an hour as soon as Harley put the Binding of Isaac card game on the table, followed shortly by his amassing a frankly insulting amount of health in a Magic game. We also introduced new-ish member Richard to Love Letter, along with a few other games this month.

But moving on…


What a wonderful way to “wrap up” the year, and the puns were no better on the day! There may have been some minor HDMI issues, because I did not bring mine, and many people were trying to hook up a Nintendo Switch to the projector. Turns out if we want to try that again we’ll need to fetch an extension cable too, the distance is too long to safely stretch from the projector and to the mains ports, and we need both. Ah well.

The pub was busy, and at times a little crowded, but it never slows us down. I brought Robo Rally at Harley’s request, and so lost her and a few others to a game that only lasted for a short while. Also this thing:

Character Creation

At the request of a few of our regulars, I held a short character building workshop, during which Sod’s Law prevailed. I have a collection of quick-start guides to throw together first level characters easily, and of course three members of the party were classes missing the sheet in my folder! Here I thought I was so well prepared. Characters were all created for the setting I am working on for regular play, using a system in which players roll their abilities, and the worse your stats are the better your starting bonuses. So, going around the table:

Alfie will be playing a wood elf ranger, a bit cliche but he randomly rolled the class.
Nicole is a high elf rogue. Her stats were low enough to start with that she could buy an extra level and a magic item, but not a good one.
Jardel is a bard of The Ormud (a human nation), born to the winter caste. He will be playing a failed jester with a mallet that honks.
Hannah rolled so well she had no choice in race or class, and is now a kenku cleric to goddess of the moon, Nuren’Ue. She has already acquired the nickname “Buff Bird” for being crazy strong.
And Kim is a god-born halfling (aasimar) rogue. I owe her a magic item too, and I owe them all some extra information to help them get started in the campaign.

Hopefully this group will gather on the pier at Meadsbridge some time in the new year…


Thanks to those of you who joined in the Super-Secret Santa, pretty sure everyone walked away pleased with what they got, although I have no idea about Julia who accidentally walked away empty-handed. Not to worry, it’s on its way to you, and thanks for the cornflake wreath too, it was delicious.

And thank you Harley and Vinni both for the handmade additions to the Shropshire Dungeon Master accessories, the dice tray from Harley will be making a few future appearances at games, the coasters from Vinni I think will be staying home for the most part, that’s where they’ll see the most use.


January folks! A lot of you (more than I thought actually) committed to some geeky pledges for the new year! I know that at least one person (not me) managed to stay true to theirs, and if you were at January’s event have a look at the cards that were pulled from the box. How did you do? I failed! Although I did have a very productive year either way, so… maybe I’ll get a comedy skit out next year? Along with a Pokenomicon, a book of item enchantments for 5e, and a whole bunch of other projects that are jamming up the proverbial pipeline.

Next Year…

There may be some changes in format next year! Monty’s Tower have other plans in the works that may prove either a boon or a hindrance to us at GeekOut but they want us to keep coming along, so will work with us to keep our events every bit as fun as they are now, and I don’t know about you guys but I’ve certainly been enjoying myself.

As it stands, the next event is booked for the 31st of January, a whopping six weeks away, and provisionally entitled “The Frozen North”. We hope to see you, all of you, more of you, there. And Merry Christmas or whatever.

What Will I Do In 2017?

Chris found that in the past being super critical of himself has not been very helpful and actually makes him less motivated, so he opted for a New Year wish list instead of New Year resolutions. Here’s Chris’ Wish List for 2017!

I found that in the past being super critical of myself has not been very helpful and actually makes me less motivated, so I opt for a New Year wish list instead of New Year resolutions. I promised myself I won’t mention Brexit or the inevitable inauguration of one Donald Trump so don’t expect this to be political and in no particular order.

Continue reading “What Will I Do In 2017?”

The New Year is here

Welcome to GeekOut South-West, Jan 1st 2014.

Yes, we’ve entered a new year and there are some goals for GeekOut this year as well as personal goals. But let me go through my personal goals this year before I go through anything else.

  1. Continue the weight loss – A normal goal for most people to do in the new year is to say “Eat less” or “Lose weight”. I’m not going to lose weight. I’m not going to eat less. I’m going to continue the path I’ve been going. I’m going to keep up with my calorie controlled diet and still be able to enjoy myself. I will also be going on with my exercises, for greater health.
  2. Finish all projects I start – Yes, another normal goal that people strive for. I intend to see through a lot more of my projects. I have been known to get onto far too many projects, which is fine and all, but I don’t manage to finish all of them. This year, this is changing. Why this year specifically? Well, no reason – I’ll try to use zodiacs here by saying it’s the year of the horse.
  3. Meet many new people – Aha, not quite a normal goal, but I am sure some have this. Yes, I intend to meet more people. GeekOut has launched the beginning of this transition into meeting new people and that’s exactly what this group and blog is all about. Like-minded people meeting in a neutral environment, expanding their social network and lamenting over the things they love the most.

So those are my personal goals… What are GeekOuts goals?

  1. Meet many new people – Isn’t this a cop-out response from me? Well, yes. Yes it is. The whole purpose of GeekOut was simply to get geeks together to talk about all things geeky. There’s no limit as to what we could talk about. What is geeky? Well it has to have a fandom as I’ve mentioned many times on this site. So long as there are fans and it’s not mainstream, I’m sure it could be taken as a geeky literal.
  2. Expand – I am considering expanding the blog! The amazing support of the blogging community is quite overwhelming, so much so, I may expand the blog some time soon!
  3. Attend events together – As mentioned, I like my new hobby: cosplaying. As such, I am looking to organise trips to conventions to meet with GeekOut readers/the social group regulars and the likes. There’ll be information on here soon enough when a plan is actually formulated!


Since we’re on the subject of the new year, I have begun my first day of my Dryathlon – First day went without a hitch. No worries here – Just 30 more days to go. Thanks to the people who have donated so far for Cancer Research UK. I’m hoping to raise even more!

So – What are your new years resolutions? Please do comment!