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A Colossal Discovery – A Paid Pokémon Go Event?

Controversial perhaps, Niantic have been selling tickets for Pokémon Go’s latest event. Until this point, events in Pokémon Go have been fairly straightforward and open. You can either get a EX Raid Pass, which allows you to go for a much rarer Pokémon. The first was Mewtwo, where EX Raids were the only way to get the hard hitting Psychic legendary. There have also been Pokémon Go Fests, which is where inspiration for these paid events come from. Here are the facts of the event.


“Go” As A Genre

It felt like only a few weeks between Pokemon Go being released and cries for practically every other major intellectual property to get the “Go” treatment. The first I heard of was Harry Potter, and I’m prepared to admit I’m not entirely sure how that would work, but there’s plenty of content there to work with and plenty of other fairly successful games out there to base content on. I’ve heard that it might derive from the new film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them which rather suggests that it’s going to be a near-complete clone.


I started last week by calling Go a work which could become a genre in itself, and I’m apparently not alone. For a long time my Facebook feed was plastered with ideas for other Go games like Skyrim or Dungeons & Dragons (yes, my Facebook feed is just that predictable) and as I may have mentioned, Extra Credits also addressed the subject. Well I already decided to write this before they published the video, and I’m not sure I like their model so much. Let me explain: (more…)

Mobile Game Review: Pokémon Go

Do you wanna be the very best like no one ever was? Great, then you might as well go and get yourself a brand new pair of walking (or running) shoes and take to the streets, as Niantic Labs has finally released Pokémon Go here in the UK. After the slight delay of releasing it here in the UK, Brits have gone mad for Pokémon once again. However, is the game simply hype, or is it actually a great game with some ingenious marketing thrown in? Join Timlah as we take to the streets to play Pokémon Go.