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GeekOut Bristol Meet – October 12th: GhoulOut

They came, they saw, they spooked the regulars at the Old Market Tavern. On Saturday, the geeks of Bristol were back for another day and night of shenanigans and fun, combining board games, lots of drink and chats and of course, costumes. You can never celebrate Halloween too early in October, right? … Right? Well, we think so anyway, as we got our geeks together to celebrate the spooky month. The Old Market Tavern came to the rescue, bringing us excellent decorations to the conservatory and plenty of warmth and spirits in the main bar. So how did the event go?


GeekOut Bristol Meet – October 12th: GhoulOut

18+ Event

Ghouls, ghosts, monsters and foes, no matter what type of horrific creation you are, this month’s meetup is for you. For the night of All Hallows’ Eve is fast approaching, so let’s get together for a night of board gaming and of course, fancy dress.


GeekOut Bristol Meet – October 12th: Spectre Waltz Gallery

October, a month for the spooky and the macabre. A month when children dress up like the little monsters they are, whilst asking for sugar to make them even more energetic. However, it’s not just the kids who get into the spirit of Halloween. Us grown adults still love a good excuse to throw a costume on and to decorate the place, making it a spooky spectacular for all involved. Yeah, alright, I didn’t have much in the way to make the place spookier, but we certainly did have the right people come along, helping us by making the place a Halloween haven – And we were just under three weeks early!


e-Collectica Games Day – The Aftermath

Another games day come and gone and what a fantastic day it was. And another huge thank you to everyone who attended and took part in the many games and competitions.

The two role-plays drew a surprisingly large audience, as well as interested players. Viking Tomato was held on the main stage in the afternoon, it was a parade of heroic vegetables and terrible… terrible puns as it ever is. Daring feats by the Cranberry Saucerer, and Rhubarbarian saw victory over a band of militarised Pringles. Mike, my co-conspirator at Quotes from the Tabletop DM’d, he recently started his own YouTube channel, Bassios!


My game started in the morning in a separate RPG room, I used Kerplunk to build an ever mounting sense of dread, and dread it most certainly created. While my attempts to implement sound failed due to technical difficulties, it didn’t stop the look of abject terror on the face of the young lady who caused a catastrophic loss of marbles.

Thanks to Goblins for this monster

Thanks to Goblins for this monster

Here are a few pictures from the rest of the day, thanks to the owners of e-Collectica and CEO Darwin T. Dodo (I’m fairly sure T. stands for the) for providing them. These pictures will be uploaded to our Facebook page, so if you see yourself, tag yourself.

The raffle was entirely above board and free of bribery! I know, I tried. Winners left with a copy of Star Wars: X-Wing, Camel Cup, and a bag of dice, and everyone left with a bit of cake.

The party carried on to a local pub for the die-hards who just couldn’t let go. The after-party is one of my favourite parts of the day, and I hope that even when the event starts extending into the evening that the after-party still happens.

Wheels are already in motion for e-Collectica games days next year, and we want to make them bigger and better than ever. Not to mention that the the October Games Day of 2016 will be the store’s 10th birthday, so they are looking to make it a real party. We’ll keep you up to date with the plans nearer to the time, or you can follow e-Collectica on their Facebook page for up-to-date news and info on the massive array of games they stock.

Hack Cancer

Since today is a technology day and later we’ll be looking at how to recreate a websites looks entirely in Web Wednesdays project, let’s make today a full day of technology. I recently found out about this campaign via Twitter and I was immediately interested in knowing more about it. This article is about Hack Cancer, a hackathon to raise money for cancer research.

Hackathons are a chance for developers to get together, to create software solutions within a set period of time. Not just developers, but graphic designers and UI designers too. The point is, people get together to create software and create some truly genius software. This event is all in the name of Cancer research.


This hackathon is supporting two charities, Cancer Research UK which I previously did a Dryathlon for (early 2014) and Teenage Cancer Trust. These are two really great causes and the 24 hour hackathon on the 10th-11th of October has one theme: to create a Cancer Beater. Once these projects have begun, the idea is to keep working to beat cancer through working collaboratively on projects until the finals in 2016.

It’s a really worthy cause that I wanted to help spread some general awareness on. As I wrote off to the team to see if I could find out more, I had the priviledge of being allowed to join the Hack Cancer Slack team, which is really easy to get into if you’re a passionate developer. If you feel you’re a developer who finds this interesting, get in touch with the Hack Cancer guys today!


They’re looking for sponsors to help make the event a truly memorable experience. So far, the amount of work they have put in is phenomenal. The hackathon day will take place at the Google Campus in Shoreditch, so if you’re free at midday on Saturday 10th, do go by and support the men and women who will be hacking away in the name of beating Cancer sooner.

I’ll be keeping my eye on this, so please do let us know what you think about the event in the comments below, over on Twitter and Facebook. Don’t forget to check out Hack Cancer’s Twitter and Facebook feeds, as well as their website. The website is still being built, so give that some time and hopefully there’ll be more information on there. In the mean time, watch this space guys – It’s time that tech beats Cancer.


This post is simply me promoting a lovely upcoming convention in Bristol which, to me, looks awesome. Take what you will from this post, but if you’re at all into geekdom, this little event may be of interest to you :) For more information, visit Enjoy!

What is it?

BristolCon is a fantastic one day convention in Bristol, UK. Run by some lovely people, BristolCon looks to incorporate science fiction, fantasy and horror works. A dealers room, an art show and with a really cool programme set out for the one day. BristolCon have been running their conventions since 2009.

Where is it?

BristolCon this year is being held in the Doubletree Hotel (formerly the Ramada, a very short walk from Bristol Temple Meads). The convention is being held on 26th October 2013, starting at 9am, going on throughout to the night.

What do they do?

BristolCon incorpotate all different aspects of Sci-Fi fandom, including books, art and (my personal favourite point), steampunk themes! BristolCon naturally encompasses a geeky feel you get at all conventions, although this is a great opportunity for anyone who wants an excuse to experience something different for a day. This isn’t a convention where cosplaying is common, but as I was told: “Hey! Great! Come cosplay, it’ll be nice to see some costumes!” Awesome.

My verdict

Because you all really badly want my opinion of the subject, I think this is a real hidden gem in Bristol. With the exception of Bristol Comic Expo, I can’t think of much in Bristol in the way of conventions (Please do throw conventions my way, especially for anime/gaming conventions).

For the £20 entry fee, BristolCon, albeit small, is guarenteed to have something to interest you from a geeky point of view. Whatever your geekdom, give it a try folks. I likely will attend. Though, will I dress up?! Hm..!

Where can you find more?

Please visit their website at where you can find more information for registration fees, location and just more information!

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with BristolCon. They seem like an awfully nice bunch with a great event!