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GeekOut Bristol Meet – January 11th: New Year’s Resolutions Gallery

With that, 2019 was off to a flying start. The geeks of Bristol got together once more, playing plenty of games, drinking and enjoying the warm comforting familiarity of the Old Market Tavern. A huge thanks to the bar staff for another welcoming event, where we decided to see what sorts of plans people had for the year. We had a few great entries for the competition, as well as a new game that we brought along and played. As ever, join us for a look back at this month’s GeekOut Bristol Meet.



GeekOut Bristol Meet – October 14th: VAMP-TASTICAL! Gallery

Blah! We vant to suck your blood– Oh dear, that’s the worst vampire cliche ever.

We came, we saw, we drank and we dined. GeekOut Bristol Meet was as loud as ever, seemingly slightly busier than usual and with a competition that really seemed to gnaw at everybodies necks. So whilst we were being so merry, time went by so quickly as we had games on the go, people discussing everything, including a rather deep conversation about life in the conservatory. Deep stuff, guys.


GeekOut Bristol Meet – December 31st: HAPPY NEW YEAR Gallery

A ‘smaller’ GeekOut Bristol Meetup took place on New Years Eve, to celebrate in the new year. Each time the year adds a one to its digits column, you know you need to do something that’s bigger and better than the year before. It’s like an incredible race to be as good as you can be – But we often get waylayed by unforeseen circumstance, or we just get bored of making the best of ourselves. It’s inevitable for us as humans to do this too… But that’s not necessarily a bad thing! So, for one day of the year only, we forget all about everything we know and love… We stop working, we get to a party, or we have a quiet indoors affair, snuggle up as best we can and just enjoy the fireworks: Literally.


GeekOut Bristol Meet: June 11th Gallery – Time For Tea?

Ah what a jolly good show ol’ chap, it is time to show off the gallery for the GeekOut Bristol Meet that took place on June 11th. It was a splendid show, so thanks to all of you ol’ beans for showing up and being good sports. Pip, pip, it’s time to join Timlah to have a look at the gallery, what went down, our competition and more!


GeekOut Bristol Meetup 10/07/15

We’ve now had our monthly meetup for July. The next day we had Bristol Pride. It was a long weekend. It was a very long week for me… I had been working all the way in Newcastle for this past week and then I came back to run my meetup on Friday, followed by attending Bristol Pride yesterday. It was a long, arduous week, but hey – We’re back and we’re ready to roll on towards Kitacon, the next GeekOut meetup and Cardiff Anime Convention. Yeah, next month is packed too.

I didn’t manage to get any pictures of Bristol Pride, but it was a very loud, happy kind of day. People were celebrating as to be expected and I took Oskar out for a little walk, without his scythe. I thought the scythe might be a tad too much. Plus, it is somewhat broken, so I’ll need to fix that back up before Kitacon! The more that I think about it… I’m beginning to wonder how I’m going to fit the scythe into my car for the journey to Kitacon, along with all of the other costumes I’m taking! Time will tell… Of which there’s not much time left!

The GeekOut Bristol meetup saw a few new faces, as well as some of our regular friends. We had pictures taken by Frank Street, so please do check out his work. The pictures he took off his phone, but his portfolio is seriously impressive and he’s an all around awesome person. Very friendly, easy to chat to, so if you are in Bristol and are looking for an accessible photographer, please speak to him.

Next GeekOut Bristol Meetup will be published later today and the front page will reflect this! As always, thanks to all of those who came along and we’ll move steadily along to the next event! If you can think of extra things we can do, let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook and Twitter.

GeekOut Meetup 13/06 Summary

Some nights just aren’t meant to be as big as other nights, but never mind: We still got out there and we still got our geek on and we also managed to do a book give away! Hurrah!

We had over 20 people signed up to this meetup, which is about average for us, but through the course of the night we only had 10 show up. But that was still 10 people, which the more you think about it is more than it was back when we first started the GeekOut meetups, back in September 2013! Interestingly one person who wasn’t signed up for the night came along, and he shared with us news that really it was just a quiet night everywhere… Huh! Even the pub was very empty itself.


A little disappointing, but not enough to stop our GeekOut meetups, I’ll tell you that much. In the mean time, this post is more of a shout out to those who did turn up. We had quite a few games of chess (Which really became one of the main games of the night, surprisingly! I guess it being joint #1 in our Top 10 Board Games was deservedly so.)

It turns out that after a few beers, I get easily distracted at chess! Oh dear, I must not drink beers during chess in future. Gotta keep my game face on.

Game face brought courtesy of Ash Ketchum.

Game face brought courtesy of Ash Ketchum.

Where to go from here?

We still had people at the event, we still had a damn good time: So although it wasn’t a total write off, I’m calling it down to the weather that people didn’t come to the meetup. But that’s fine: We’ve got someone who wants to run a simple DnD 5 campaign in one of the next meetups. The same guy also won the book: The competition was to come up with a name for a Goblin and let us know what that Goblin did in life. I can’t repeat the name that won it, for we’re a PG website… But let’s just say, it was ***Goblin the Hobgoblin. Yeah, nailed it!

The next GeekOut meetup is going to be July 10th, so if you’re around on that Friday, come swing by and say hello to the GeekOut guys! We’d love to see you there. I’m also going to be around at Bristol Pride, where I’ll be debuting a special kind of Oskar, so come say hi! I’ll be going to Bristol Pride with a set of tie-dye robes, Oskars face and a scythe I’m building, which I’ve already gotten the base sorted out for, I should have this made by next week.

Got any ideas I could use in a future GeekOut meetup? Let us know in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.

Next GeekOut Meetup & Site Updates

Upcoming meetups

GeekOut South-West meetups are going strong still. We’ve got over 400 members signed up to our Meetup page, did you know? Our next meetup is happening on Saturday 13th June, where we’re going to start off at Sticks & Broth from 3pm before heading over to Old Market Tavern no later than 5pm. If you want to come along, make yourself known to all of the other GeekOut Geeks.