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Getting Back Into Blender

So on Wednesday, I told you all that I was getting back into Unity as my goal for next year. Naturally, this has led to me going onto using Blender as well. If you’re not aware of Blender, this is a free and open-source 3D graphics application. You can create simple models, or even fully fledged complex ones. You can create textures, animations and much more through Blender. Using Blender and Unity together makes perfect sense; Blender is in fact fairly easy to use, once you’ve given yourself some time. However in the time I’ve been away, a lot has changed.


Community Projects and Software

Software and programming is an amazing feat of engineering. Everyone should be proud of what they’ve contributed, no matter how big or small their part in the process is. From some video game software, through to a much larger full scale operating system, software and communities have been a thing since, well, always. Programmers may typically be associated as unsocial folk, but they are amongst the most social and co-operative people I’ve met. Not everyone may feel the same, but I thought I’d talk briefly today about community projects and how they make such a difference to everyone who’s ever used a computer.


Video Editing on Linux

I’m no professional when it comes to editing videos, although I’ve learned a lot in a short space of time out of necessity. Whether I’m playing an indie title that grabs my attention, or the latest iteration of our popular GeekOut Plays Stonekeep series, I have learned very quickly that the videos that I get from raw recordings aren’t enough. This is where video editing comes in – In this article, I discuss video editing on Linux.


Kickstarter Highlight – Microduino Joypad

Do you like Arduino projects?

Do you like joypads?

Do you like Aruino projects that go hand in hand with joypads? Then look no further as we’re back once more with another awesome Kickstarter Highlight!