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Kickstarter Highlight: Cover Your Kingdom – Card Game

Card games and Kickstarter are like ducks to water; many good card games come from the platform and today we’re going to chat about another. I recently found Cover Your Kingdom, which claims to conspire to acquire punderful creatures. If that isn’t a tagline that gets you excited, I’m not sure what you get out of bed for in the morning. Puns, creatures and medieval themes? Sounds ace to me. There’s not much time to back this one, so check out Cover Your Kingdom today. If you want the lowdown, then read on for our summary of the campaign, along with the lower reward tiers.


De Mambo On Kickstarter

A while back we spoke to the wonderful team of The Dangerous Kitchen about their upcoming spicy party game, De Mambo. The Dangerous Kitchen have been hard at work since then and have released a Kickstarter Campaign!

Having had the pleasure of playing this game for myself, where The Dangerous Kitchen utterly trounced me at their own game (Which is a good thing, right..?!) I can say with certainty that the cost of the game at Kickstarter prices is entirely justified. It felt like it was a solid party game back then and I’d have happily paid more than £6.99 for it. I’ve paid more for other games which have been disappointing to date.

Click here to check out the De Mambo Kickstarter

They’re looking for just £15,000 which is a reasonable amount to expect. As of the time of writing, there’s just 25 days remaining on this project and they’ve already raised more than £6,000. Below are some screenshots from the latest demo, which you can play for free.

I’d urge you to at least check out their campaign. They’ve got a great selection of swag and hey, you get that warm fuzzy feeling for helping out. De Mambo features:

  • Fast Paced Action
  • Local Multiplayer
    • Supports up to 4 people.
    • Potential to make Online Multiplayer too based on the Kickstarter Campaigns success.
  • Single Player
  • Awesome music
  • More Mambo than you can shake your fist at.

Also, as a personal aside, it seems the team are either a fan of a really oft-heard of film that I really like, or are just aware of it… As they linked this video in one of their Kickstarter Campaign questions.

Do you know of any party games similar to this one? Does anything about this game interest or dissuade you from helping them reach their funding goal? Let us know in the comments below, over on Facebook or Twitter.

The Dangerous Kitchen’s De Mambo

The Dangerous Kitchen, which might be one of the best names for a company we’ve heard in a long time, is developing an all-round tasty treat of a game. A party game, a beat ‘em up game, a game of breakout? That’s the only way I can describe the quirky De Mambo and I was lucky enough to get a hands on of the game at Rezzed.

In De Mambo, you play as a little character who has a few abilities whilst infinitely locked in mambo-hell (or heaven, depending on your stance on mambos!). Your abilities are triggered by the A button on a controller and are controlled by not just what direction you choose to do your attack, but the length of time you hold the button down for. You can charge attacks with a longer press of the button, or you can fire off short and quick bursts.