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Getting Social – The Kitacon Hype Train

3 Days Remaining

It’s been four years since that fateful Ayacon where Tim and I first met and this bizarre experience, this weird GeekOut journey that has changed me for the “better”. Last year I hosted a panel on how to build confidence at Amecon, and one of the best pieces of advice I had to offer was to simply go to places where like minded people are and introduce yourself, because I can personally attest to the fact that it works. After so many conventions in a fairly short space of time it has become less about meeting new people, and more about catching up with those people who I see nowhere else.

Kita and it’s contemporaries are well aware that they are a social engine, a driving force behind many people’s interpersonal experiences that brings them out of their comfort zone and immerses them in a melting pot of ideas and attitudes on a platform of common ground… they may not have thought it in those words but I’m sure they’d probably say “Yeah, that sounds about right.” They put effort into making sure that people who are nervous have the best experience possible by ensuring a convention that is enjoyable, accessible and most importantly, safe.

Something popped up on the Kitacon Official Social Group (and shortly thereafter the official page) courtesy of chairman Phil Hutchinson that can go some way to help break the ice:

The “I’m new” badge will be available at a meet and greet for new people shortly after the opening ceremony, and the “Dance” badges will be available on the door to the ball. Sadly my request for “Will Talk To Anyone” badges was declined on the assumption that I’d have done that anyway, how very presumptuous! How terribly accurate. Let this be a warning to you, I am liable to engage in excesses of social interaction.

So what advice is best for people new to conventions?

We don’t know you. Really think about it. We don’t have a clue about all the things that are making you nervous, all we see is someone who likes the same things as we do, which means you’re welcome to join us in a conversation or play a game. You can leave your fears behind, and greet us as a fresh start.

Join in. It sounds daft, because you’re already there, but if you’re at a panel that’s asking for volunteers then go for it. If there’s a board game you’re interested in playing, ask. Ask cosplayers for pictures, trust me, they’ll love you for it. Get up and dance if you feel so inclined… I don’t, but that’s who I am.

Strike out alone. You came with friends, that’s a good thing because they’ll look after you when you need it, just make sure you don’t spend the whole weekend trailing after them. If there’s a panel that you want to see but they’re going to something else, do your thing and meet up later. Or if you’re really not into the party but they want to stay, why not come chill in the games rooms?

Come back next year. During the closing ceremonies there’s almost always an announcement for other conventions on the scene, and usually that’ll include the next big summer con. Or get chatting with the regulars, there’s always more conventions because the demand is enormous.

You’ll get back whatever you put into a convention and so much more. No matter how terrified you may be, if you’re new to the game or old hat, come and say hi to us.

Don’t Forget the DMing 101 panel at 20:00 Saturday in Chancellors 2 hosted by yours truly. I’ll be dishing out advice for those who have never been a DM, GM, Story Teller, Keeper or any other form of role-play master, but as always there’ll be something for those who are longer in the tooth, and will doubtless degrade into hilarious anecdote swapping long into the night.

See you at Kitacon.

Kitacon Quest: 1 Month To Go

Kitacon is well on it’s way to coming round once again, so I sit here and think to myself ‘Damn, I really need to get on with my costumes’. Fortunately, I have been working on my cosplays (slowly), as I make my pieces in preparation for this year’s convention. But cosplay isn’t the only thing we’re all looking forward to. Here’s a look at what activities are on at the party convention of the summer.


Hello from Kitacon Karnival 2016

Kitacon Karnival Party night 1

We’ve been slow to update people this weekend because we’re at the convention. From Joel and Timlah, hello! Just a short post for today and tomorrow’s post will be up late, but please do look out for it, as it’ll contain loads of images of the event and more. But before we go into next weeks articles, here’s a few things to note.


Live from Kitacon – Joel, Day 2

I am writing this on my phone because I can’t be bothered to arrange anything easier. We have to pay for WiFi and I’m having none of it.

Day 2 has been awesome! The Q&A was a little tame because two of our guests arrive tomorrow, and as is always the way the voice actor Ashly Burch soaked up much of the questions, leaving the cosplay expert Naraku Brock to seize every opportunity to discuss her process and experiences. Still, they both entertained brilliantly and thanks to both of them for a really friendly chat.

The dealer room is as good (if not better) than last year. The centre aisle is filled with artists, and other stuff like DVDs, Manga, models, games, shirts ~breathe~ replicas, gear and whatnot have got decent spreads. Nothing is really dominating space as I’ve seen in the past, and I spent all my money!

Just… All the money…

Games, people, panels, Let’s Play of Borderlands, you guys are awesome, I have met so many new people, seen so many friendly faces, I feel like I never left.

Dissapointments: I cannot find anywhere quiet to run a role-play and record it! Tomorrow is looking too busy for me to squeeze it in and I already (foolishly) got people interested. To those of you who have heard about “The Plan”, my apologies, if I can’t do it tomorrow, ALcon is only a few weeks away.

Some bad news however. Last night the number of drink related emergency calls were excessive to say the least, and that was only the first party of a long weekend of parties. Please, keep the Con going, don’t jeopardise everyone else’s party by killing yourself! It’s 9:00 and already an ambulance has arrived.

Last thing before I go down to Rock Around the Clock and yell myself hoarse, if you’re here, come talk to us, we love you guys, this Con is awesome, and everyone have an epic last day.

Live From Kitacon – Timlah, Day 1 Gallery

Kitacon is back and it’s bigger than ever before. It looks as if the staff have worked tirelessly to bring us the greatest content they could, it shows that this event is a labour of love. Here’s just a few photos I took from the Opening Ceremony and around the parties.

Join us again tomorrow for even more pictures of Kitacon 2015. If you see yourself in one of the pictures, let us know in the comments, over on Facebook or Twitter. Until tomorrow folks, but stick around for todays Top 10!

Review – Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?

When the name of the show you’re watching gives you a major clue as to what the series is going to be about, without telling you the names of any of the characters, generally it’s pretty clear cut what you’re getting yourself into. Not in this animes case, as I expected to be fronted with a highly adult, ultra smarmy cheese-fest of a guy chasing down his dream girl by saving her inside of some big dungeon. I expected that she’d have been screaming “My hero!” and falling into his arms, whilst he sauntered away with the girl and made it apparent that he was the man. Thankfully, we didn’t get that, but rather a much more touching tale!


Back to the Kitacon – New Website


The GeekOut South-West team will be returning to Kitacon in 2015 for Back to the Kitacon, which we seen the website go live this week! We’ve been very excited to return to Kitacon, so we’ll be joining the adventure that is Back to the Kitacon.

Being hosted once more in the Birmingham Hilton Metropole (just across the road from Birmingham NEC), Kitacon this year is going to go with the theme of time travelling. Exciting stuff! It’ll be back on from Friday 31st July to Sunday 2nd August 2015.