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Top 10 Pink Characters

Pink is a bold colour, don’t you think? It’s often depicted as a colour of love, or a colour of everything soft and kind. However pink is so much more than that – For some characters, pink is just who they are. Today we’re on a mission to find the best pink characters in all forms of media. Whether it’s video games, anime, cartoons or even the colourful world of pro wrestling, here are our Top 10 Pink Characters.

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Geek Decor – Making It Your Own

Whilst I looked around my flat recently, I realised the decor has slowly but surely turned ever so slightly more geeky. I’ve been looking forward to kitting out my own place with various bits of geek decor. In the past decade, I’ve noticed that the appeal for geek decor has seriously improved. Whole companies are coming out just to make prints, figures, chairs and much more. As such, I wanted to make this new flat my own – and I decided that the best way to do it was to put my own mark on the decorations.