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Dungeon Situational – The Plague Domain

Gods are made to explain the inexplicable. Diancecht, Nergal, Loviatar are the cursed divines who bring disease in mythology, from Dragonlance it is the domain of Incabulos or Nerull, and from my setting find Ugol, dark god of the alchemist, whose symbol is a scorpion in a jar. But among these are gods who balance both the disease and the cure, gods who have the power to condemn and to heal.

Plague clerics, also known as plague doctors, strike a balance between life and death, embracing the horrors that befall mortals in the name of healing all sicknesses, and bringing suffering to only those who deserve it. (more…)


DMing 101 – Dirty Tricks


Oh there’s a wealth of powers at your disposal as a DM, deception, impossible odds, the very style of your play is a weapon in the right hands. You have to be careful with how cruel you are to your group, don’t forget that most of them are designed to fight, not chase shadows, or run screaming. Let them engage in the action sometimes, give them a few fair fights to make let them feel useful, but there are plenty of other tricks you can use to keep players guessing and second guessing, whilst still giving them chances to be the hero. (more…)