Player 101 – Becoming Heroic

What drives a “normal” person to take to the wayward life of adventure? Tanners, soldiers, smugglers, musicians, rarely are people born heroes, and even when presented with great power they may not be so inclined to take up the great responsibility. Ordinary people have lives, families, jobs and a status to keep quo, and don’t want to spend weeks walking between death traps for ungrateful clients and nations that will never know their names. It’s dangerous, difficult, stupid, and frankly not a great return on investment. Continue reading “Player 101 – Becoming Heroic”

Player 101

The relationship between DMs and players must ultimately go both ways, and in order to have the best experience from your DM you have to give back a little as players. So in a slight offshoot from my regular series, I offer some tips and warnings for you murderous band of heavily armed hobos. Continue reading “Player 101”