Puzzling Encounters: Lock & Key

The Point and Click Adventure genre leans a little too heavily on one very simple puzzle which I’ll refer to here as the Lock & Key: finding Thing A and applying to Thing B in order to proceed.

To be clear, things A and B can be a wide variety of things, a ladder and a wall, a photograph and a person, an ostrich and a sandwich toaster, or an actual key that corresponds to an actual lock. We can all thing of a few dozen examples, if pressed we could probably come up with that many from the same title. Grim Fandango, Machinarium, the Discworld game series, to an extent one could argue The Room, all make heavy use of this basic set up. Why?

Well, ignoring for a moment the fact that it is very simple and easy to put together in game, from a game design perspective it’s no bad thing either. It’s an un-failable task, you can’t get it wrong, you can only keep trying. It’s an obstacle to be overcome, to face the next obstacle, and the next one, and the next one. Occasionally you’ll see something different, I’d just like to offer a few suggestions of how we can shake up the genre.

Monkey Wrench? Really?

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Giveaway – Broken Sword 2 (Steam)

As per usual, I have gone online and seen something that appealed to me.

However, it came with something I’ve already played and completed.

As such, for all the gamers out there, a free game is on the brink for someone who reaches out to us!

As a new thing for GeekOut readers, whenever I buy a Humble Bundle, I will give away at least 1 of the games like this. You’ll simply have to answer a question or write to us to be in with a chance of winning.

What’s on offer?

A free Steam copy of Broken Sword 2!

A classic in point n click adventure gaming

This is the first in the series which doesn’t follow the story of the Knights Templar, so it’s a unique entry into a very well known adventure series.

I am only giving this game away as I’ve already completed the game and several others in the series multiple times!

So to win this awesome game, in the comments section, I want someone to tell me why they deserve it the most. On a side note, it can be complete nonsense. If you think you are most worthy due to being the son of a son of a son… of Odin – Then tell me that. But most of all: Try to make it funny! Bonus points for rip-roaring laughter.

Entries close on Monday 14th at 10pm (Greenwich Mean Time Zone)

The winner will be notified and I’ll announce the name of the winner in an edit to this post on Monday 14th. We’ll then sort out sending you the Steam code.

Thanks all, enjoy the rest of your geek-filled weekend!


The winner of the Broken Sword 2 Steam code is The Otaku Judge. I’d best do what he says, as I’ve been missing Sidero!

Thanks for taking part, I hope people will join in with the next one. Yes, this will become a recurring thing! Perhaps monthly? I’ve not yet decided how often this’ll be, but I often get things that I cannot use for various reasons.