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Top 10 Rivalries

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Media is often at its best when the characters have something to fight for; be it pride, be it the hand of the one they love, or be it for a bowl of delicious food – You name it, these guys are fighting for it. But they don’t fight just because they’re vicious enemies, or even because they hate one another. Instead, we’re focusing on the rivalry, the challenge that one another can bring one another, even if they’re fighting for the same cause.

So in this week’s Top 10, we’re focusing on compiling a list of our personal rivalries – These characters may fight one another, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they dislike one another! Now, it’s time to point dramatically at one another, shout “YOU!” and shoulder tackle, full steam ahead, into our list. (more…)


Intriguing… Memory allocation glitches


This is a new series where we will be visiting a topic that truly fascinates us. We will explain in simple terms what the topic is about and what our thoughts are on the topic. We will offer our own bits of advice, or perhaps just opinions on the matter. This series does not focus on any one area of geekdom, but can come from all manners of topic.

For the first Intriguing post, I thought I would visit something that has always fascinated me. From when I was a young child I became aware of the presence of glitches within video games which led me to think more about how they occur… But there’s one particular type of video game glitch that has fascinated me to no end: Memory Glitches.