Top 10 – Intense Boss Battles

Hard hitting, tricky fights are what makes games so enticing. We enjoy the challenge. We learn what the game teaches us and apply our knowledge to fight off the best they’ve got, using their own rules. This is our Top 10 Intense Boss Battles!

GeekOut Top 10s

Boss battles are a staple of video games, usually combining all of the skills you have learned up until this point with some extra challenge on top. They’re built in such a way to test that the player has understood the core mechanics of the game: But if you haven’t, then you’re not going to succeed (At least, not easily). These are our Top 10 Intense Boss Battles, where the rules are very simple:

  • The battle must make you feel like you’re experiencing a challenge.
  • The battle does not have to be a final boss.

We will not be focusing purely on action games: But RPGs can make an appearance. Heck, even puzzle games sometimes have an intense battle. Here we go… Continue reading “Top 10 – Intense Boss Battles”