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MireMarsh – Kickstarter product preview

In the first part of my UK Games Expo Kickstarter roundup, I mentioned a game involving Goblins by Room 17 games called Miremarsh. Now that the Kickstarter is live I listened back to the play through that I recorded at UKGE this year and wanted to give my full opinion on it. As per usual, we would like to remind you that this is a Kickstarter Campaign and as such things can change, so some of the information here may be out of date by the time the game is published.



Elite Dangerous RPG – In Depth Part 1

My mind wonders how you go about fitting a vast expansive game like Elite Dangerous into an RPG. Well, the people at Spidermind Games successfully ran a Kickstarter for the book 2 years ago and this year during UKGE, I met some of the team behind it. They talked to me about their current Kickstarter for the Elite Dangerous Battle Card game which you should all take a look at and we will review in full later this year. However, this article is the first in an in-depth look through the RPG. Spidermind Games were very kind to give us the books in PDF and a copy of the core book in hardback that we will be giving away as a prize.

My intention here is to cover the core book its contents and add a healthy dose of opinion here and there. I won’t be including the Espionage, Exploration, Military and Trading supplements, but we may tackle this separately if there is enough interest.


Doomsday Bots – Pre-Release Review

If you head north, past Edinburgh, you might find the seaside city of Dundee, where we find the DigiSprite team who have, up until now, been building websites and mobile games. They are trying their hand in traditional board gaming with their first product called Doomsday Bots. Their Kickstarter is going very well and I was lucky enough to get an introductory game with managing director Robyn during UK Games Expo, so I thought I would do a full review.


Preview – Dark Winter: Fateweaver

The problem with taking on so many projects is that I rarely have time for… frankly anything. I was asked a couple of weeks ago if I wouldn’t mind reading a book for review, well I do need to be reading more having fallen so badly out of the habit, and supporting a local author is a worthwhile cause. I’m prepared to admit I haven’t finished Fateweaver by Cameron Lisney, I’ve been trying to cram in some reading time inbetween events and jobs and projects so that I could get a review done… but the story doesn’t take long getting its hooks into you. (more…)

Traditional Game Preview: Temp Worker Assassins

If you are coming along to our little geeky get together on Friday try to hang around and look out for me when I arrive (around 6 or 7pm). Say hello and remind me that I carry upon my person a little Print and Play version of a crowd-funded card game called Temp Worker Assassins. Yes, once again we have been blessed by wonderful creators who have sent me all the relevant files, to which I have spent my lunch hours over the past few days cutting up these cards with a guillotine. I’m not the most dexterous or accurate person in the world so forgive me if the cards are a little wonky and don’t look their best.


Kickstarter Preview – Hero Hourly

Humour for adults – We usually try and keep things somewhere around PG on GeekOut, this article isn’t so much.


Now here’s an idea: What if heroes were paid by the hour? Capes and costumes come with a time card, and no amount of super-strength can save you from typical annoying bosses and office politics. It’s comic book characters made mundane, and it looks hilarious.

cover snippet

21 Pulp‘s newest Kickstarter campaign begins tomorrow, and having read their previous work The Monsters of Jimmy Crumb I have to say I’m genuinely interested in seeing what Hero Hourly has to offer. It’s the product of Batman and Green Arrow writer James Patrick, 2000 AD artist Carlos Trigo, and colourist Jen Hickman*, and if those credentials don’t tempt you, check out Jimmy Crumb, the dark and twisted tale of an “8 year old boy” with a cellar full of demons and ghost stories.

Where Jimmy Crumb goes dark, I’m already intrigued by Hero Hourly’s humdrum-comedy that takes the dreams of most nerds and smashes it together with the everyday. This looks like a definite read for any fans of Kick Ass, Watchmen, or… actually anything super-related for that matter.

Check the first two pages right here! Page 1, Page 2


While the campaign hasn’t begun in earnest, we got a little preview of what the reward tiers will look like, straight from the horse’s mouth…. or e-mail:

employee file

OVERTIME PACKAGE:  Including all the previous rewards, you get an employee folder with your name on it and really cool shit inside. Like a Hero Hourly time card, name tag, parking pass, employee of the month parking sign, bad conduct report for things like sexual harassment for when you punched that mugger in the “no-hitting zone.”

RETIREMENT PACKAGE: Including all the previous rewards, you get to be drawn into Hero Hourly as a good employee or a terrible employee. Be a lazy bastard who nobody can rely on or the one who always picks up the slack. Up to you!

While these look fairly high up the list, there are some pretty awesome packages in there. Most of the packages will naturally include a copy of Hero Hourly in some format or another, so even if you’re just out for an interesting read it looks like this is going to be worth your time.

Check this article again on Wednesday the 25th (tomorrow, for those of you reading on day of publishing this) for links to the Kickstarter page.

UPDATE: The campaign has officially launched! For full details, click here.

*My apologies to Jen Hickman for not including a link to her body of work, but a quick google search proved her to be quite prolific, I couldn’t choose a single item to link.


Robocraft is a free to download and free to play shooter/creative game which is available on Steam or via their official website. The game gained a lot of attention for the game is exactly what many people would want from a game – Creative for those who like to craft their wildest creations, destructive for those who just want to see exploding robots and strategic for those who love to think.



Kickstarter Highlight – Previews of Samurai Chef and Gerry Anderson’s Fireball


Do you like chefs?

Do you like monkeys?

Do you like chefs who happen to be monkeys? Well then look no further as we’re back once again for our Kickstarter Highlight of the week. This week however, we have two Kickstarter Highlight PreviewsQueue the ooh’s!


Complete Samurai Chef Print Edition

What is it?

If you had seen my recent post on Mayamada and Samurai Chef, then this theme of a samurai monkey chef should be a familiar one. Samurai Chef is the awesome content produced by Mayamada, a company based in the UK that sells clothes. The team at Mayamada have been working on a fun, unique concept in manga style.

We last left our Samurai Chef amidst the tough competition, as the samurai chef found himself facing tougher and tougher dishes to try his appetite… For cutting it down.

It’s a fun and quirky story that gave me a good chuckle, so I am hoping part 2 delivers all the same.

This is the Mayamada cast – They all look cuddly, even the Samurai Chef himself.

How much do they need?

The guys at Mayamada are asking for a tiny £650, which is nothing at all in the grand scheme of things. They will be using the money to get the book published.

There doesn’t really seem to be much of a risk with backing this comic, as they have already got a platform to sell their comics on. Further to that: They have already made volume one, so volume two is inevitable! But. without funding it may never see the light of day.


What are the reward tiers?

As I have been given access to review this campaign before it goes live this Saturday, the Mayamada guys are offering these rewards for backers:

  • Pledge £3 or more

    Reward 1: Get your name printed in our credits page. (£3 / $4 / €4).

    Pledge £10 or more

    Reward 2: Digital copy of the Samurai Chef plus colour edition of Samurai Chef Origins.(PDF or eBook format). (£10 / $16 / €12).

    Pledge £15 or more

    Reward 3: Print copy of Samurai Chef Vol 1 & 2 (combined) + pin badge set + Reward 2. (£15 / $24 / €18). Want extra copies? Kindly add £5 (£5 / $8 / €6) per book to your pledge and send us a note. (non UK backers, an extra £5 for shipping and handling will be added to your pledge.)

    Add £5 to ship outside the UK
    Pledge £25 or more

    Reward 4: Exclusive Samurai Chef mug + Reward 3. (£25 / $40 / €31) Want extra copies? Kindly add £5 (£5 / $8 / €6) per book to your pledge and send us a note. (non UK backers, an extra £5 for shipping and handling will be added to your pledge.)

    Add £5 to ship outside the UK
    Pledge £60 or more

    Reward 5: Signed copy with limited edition cover + EXCLUSIVE Samurai Chef t-shirt + Reward 4. (£60 / $96 / €74) Want extra copies? Kindly add £5 (£5 / $8 / €6) per book to your pledge and send us a note. (non UK backers, an extra £5 for shipping and handling will be added to your pledge.)

    Add £5 to ship outside the UK

That’s it for Samurai Chef. Let’s see if it can slice and dice its way through its funding objective and become a true culinary delight for all to read.

This campaign will be available This Saturday 27th September. Please do look out for it and of course I will be updating this page with the campaign once it’s ready and speaking of it on social media. I hope the guys at Mayamada succeed in their campaign.

What do you think of Samurai Chef and it’s chances on Kickstarter? Have you read volume one or the free origins story from Mayamada yet? I was lucky enough to meet a member of the team behind this story, so it was a real pleasure to be able to keep up with developments of their new work.

Now, I pass you all over to the capable hands of Joel, who has another Kickstarter Highlight preview for us all!

Those of you not familiar with the name Gerry Anderson may well be familiar with the names Captain Scarlett, Stingray, and Thunderbirds! These now classic puppet-action series have been an inspiration to generations of film-producers, and they are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the depth and breadth of Anderson’s lifetime of achievements which look set to continue, even following his death in 2012.

Lesser known was his joint project with business partner John Needham, Firestorm, which combined CGI effects and animation which was mainly released for a Japanese market, and was not widely spread beyond. The series began, and fizzled out in 2003. Gone, but not – it seems – forgotten.

A kickstarter is slated to begin on the 30th of September to return Firestorm to the world, not in animation, but in the ultramarionation that made Anderson’s biggest and best titles so infamous, and so far-reaching. Real explosions! Real practical effects! Real puppets!

Now, the information on the Kickstarter itself is not tremendously forthcoming, but that hook is baited and I’m deeply curious to see the beginnings of the campaign next Tuesday. For now, here’s a link to the announcement page and all of the links you’ll need to keep on top of the news as it happens:

Keep informed, let us know what you think! Has the renaissance come for true action puppets? Will the rewards come with (dammit Tim, this is your fault) strings attached? Having been raised on all of the above shows, and many more, I’m more than just a little curious to see what the future holds for the Gerry Anderson legacy.