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Beginner’s Cosplay Guide #6: Proper Props

Cosplay is a crazy craft; cosplayers all begin somewhere and the question is where? How does someone start cosplaying comfortably? Who can cosplay? What are the etiquettes behind cosplay and what does a cosplayer need to know? Can someone with an unsteady hand become a cosplayer? Can someone who has never sewn-up a hole create stunning works of art? What do you need to get started? In a series of mini-guides, I hope to quell some of these questions and more.


Nerf Wars

Toys are nerdy, that’s true. Entire geek cultures have sprung up around Lego, collectible card games, Transformers and yes, My Little Pony. It’s surprising exactly how intense people can get over Nerf guns though.

If you’re unfamiliar, Nerf guns are a division of Hasbro who specialise in a variety of ranged weapons that fire rubber-tipped foam darts along with a variety of other non-harmful projectiles that are only a particular threat to breakable items in the area and friendships. Most injuries sustained are from diving for cover with too much enthusiasm, unfortunate shots to the eyes, or from non-standard projectiles like those with the hard plastic heads, or worse. They’re primarily designed for children, but as our aims improved, so did the desire for more. Some of the more recent models seem impossible for an eight-year-old to wield with any accuracy, but those of us in our twenties aren’t so concerned with them. (more…)