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Dungeon Situational – A Unique Tavern

So I have been playing a lot of D&D lately… I mean a lot of D&D, so it’s time to resurrect my idea-spitting series Dungeon Situational, where I drop a bunch of thoughts on screen in the hope that someone, somewhere can use them, or at least warp them into something useful.

This week I had Murray take a look at the thirty-something strong idea list, and has chosen a unique tavern, it’s occupants, and a short menu. Welcome travellers, to the Stricken Willow. (more…)


GeekOut Bristol Meet – March 11th Gallery

The third GeekOut Bristol Meet is over for the year – Not bad! Time to go ahead and see what were the common themes and have a look at this months gallery. Were you there? Let us know in the comments!


3 Reasons To Read In A Pub

Since I started reading in pubs some time ago, I’ve been noticing a slew of other dwellers doing the same thing. It’s weird to think that something so solitary can have such a following, at least from what I’ve seen.


Chance & Counters – A Board Game Café and Bar

What do board games and pub nights out have in common? Well GeekOut of course, but that’s besides the point. I’m on about Chance & Counters, a brand new café and bar that’s opening up near the Christmas Steps in Bristol. They need your help for the last bits of funding; read on to find out more!


GeekOut Meetup 13/06 Summary

Some nights just aren’t meant to be as big as other nights, but never mind: We still got out there and we still got our geek on and we also managed to do a book give away! Hurrah!

We had over 20 people signed up to this meetup, which is about average for us, but through the course of the night we only had 10 show up. But that was still 10 people, which the more you think about it is more than it was back when we first started the GeekOut meetups, back in September 2013! Interestingly one person who wasn’t signed up for the night came along, and he shared with us news that really it was just a quiet night everywhere… Huh! Even the pub was very empty itself.


A little disappointing, but not enough to stop our GeekOut meetups, I’ll tell you that much. In the mean time, this post is more of a shout out to those who did turn up. We had quite a few games of chess (Which really became one of the main games of the night, surprisingly! I guess it being joint #1 in our Top 10 Board Games was deservedly so.)

It turns out that after a few beers, I get easily distracted at chess! Oh dear, I must not drink beers during chess in future. Gotta keep my game face on.

Game face brought courtesy of Ash Ketchum.

Game face brought courtesy of Ash Ketchum.

Where to go from here?

We still had people at the event, we still had a damn good time: So although it wasn’t a total write off, I’m calling it down to the weather that people didn’t come to the meetup. But that’s fine: We’ve got someone who wants to run a simple DnD 5 campaign in one of the next meetups. The same guy also won the book: The competition was to come up with a name for a Goblin and let us know what that Goblin did in life. I can’t repeat the name that won it, for we’re a PG website… But let’s just say, it was ***Goblin the Hobgoblin. Yeah, nailed it!

The next GeekOut meetup is going to be July 10th, so if you’re around on that Friday, come swing by and say hello to the GeekOut guys! We’d love to see you there. I’m also going to be around at Bristol Pride, where I’ll be debuting a special kind of Oskar, so come say hi! I’ll be going to Bristol Pride with a set of tie-dye robes, Oskars face and a scythe I’m building, which I’ve already gotten the base sorted out for, I should have this made by next week.

Got any ideas I could use in a future GeekOut meetup? Let us know in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.

UK Geek Events

Do you feel like you don’t attend enough geek events across the UK? Would you like for a clean and concise way to find and attend events? Then look no further, the UK wide geek events are here to help you find the convention and event that is right and closest to you.

Joel and I are building the coolest geek events page which we hope to be able to expand upon by adding in geek events across the country. Let us know if you have any particularly well known geek events that need to be advertised by us and we’ll put them up here as soon as possible!

Do you have any geek events that you attend? Do you want them to be seen? As always, comments below, over on Facebook or Twitter and let us know what you want to see out of GeekOut South-West!

Meltdown London

It’s hard finding a really good geeky bar in England. If you don’t believe me, go step outside and have a look around. See if you can find some really good geeky bars near you (and tell us all about them!)

In Bristol, we don’t have many. We’ve got Kongs of King Street and The Bag of Nails for suitably geeky pubs in Bristol… and I’m sort of accidentally on purpose changing the King William Ale House into a very geeky pub. But don’t tell them that, wait until they find this website and decide to take down our Geeky Shenanigans and make us look elsewhere. I think we should trademark Geeky Shenanigans.


GeekOut South-West meet 10/10/2014

It’s true ladies and gentlemen, we have now finished another month of meeting in a pub for a geeky gathering filled with gleeful giggles and gags. With so many new members and people travelling from London and Shrewsbury for the event, it’s no wonder that these GeekOut meetups are getting bigger and better. I wanted to extend my thanks personally to every single person who came along, so here’s a post dedicated to the recently passed GeekOut South-West meetup.

As always, we started things slowly. By the time we had gotten to the pub after our meal at Sticks & Broth, we knew it was going to be a brilliant night. With so many people there before we arrived, we could just feel the night was going to be a big one and that it was. For the record, we did arrive before the 7pm start time… Just. There were so many people who came to join us, even if it wasn’t for the full night – the spirit of GeekOut is strong! It’s a gathering of like-minded individuals who revel in all things geeky.


Big Geek Bristol Meet 12/09/2014

Welcome back once again everyone to another quick update on how the social events of GeekOut South-West have been going.

Our meetup page has 100 members now. There are a few others who frequently come along but aren’t signed up on the meetup website, but officially we do have over 100 social group members! A big thanks to each and every single one of you: You all make this worthwhile.

So how did our last one go? I didn’t get many pictures, actually – but we had events and a £20 cash prize competition! Ooh.

One of our newest members who also happened to have a really nice camera. Still, he didn't expect this..!

One of our newest members who also happened to have a really nice camera. Still, he didn’t expect this..!

We started the night in the usual way: Get some tables together. Get the drinks in. Get re-introduced and get introduced to new members.

We sat around and just spoke for a fair bit of time. A good sign that the night would be filled with conversation! This carried on for an hour when suddenly one of our newer members brought out his game of One Night Ultimate Werewolf. If you’ve not seen this game before, check out this video from YouTubers Board Game Replay which discusses and then shows a game of One Night Ultimate Werewolf!

Once the game was over (for the record, I wasn’t a Werewolf), we decided to do the competition. We had some emotional “sales pitches” of their books and possibly the most plausible sale of the children’s book Mr. Grumble. Alas, the prize was given out to the most passionate pitcher, even though we were all in stitches at the reading of Mr Grumble. Someone also announced they had 50 Shades of Grey but thankfully they didn’t.

We then moved on to Cards Against Humanity. But just as we were about to: We got kicked out of the pub! It was late, we weren’t kicked out for being bad, it was just late at 11pm. So we decided to move the group over to The Crown which was very loud, but we managed to shout out Cards Against Humanity stuff, much to the bemusement of the security staff. I think the guy didn’t know whether to laugh with us, at us, or be disgusted. Either way though, he kept laughing!

Then we moved over to The Mothers Ruin, where we finished our nights. Oh man, did we finish it on a high or what!? I gave out shots of absinthe to everyone to end the night. Except for a few of the members who decided to stay out even later than 3am, but that was their choice.

Thank you to everyone who showed up. The night was memorable for many reasons and I hope to see you all again soon.

The next GeekOut Social Event is on October 10th @ 7pm, upstairs at the King William Ale House. More information to follow.

However, if you want to see what our next event is going to be like then why not check out our Meetup page?

Click the logo to be taken to our Meetup page!

Click the logo to be taken to our Meetup page!

GeekOut Meetup 15/08/2014 – Photos

The Blogversation is on hold for this week, as next week we touch on a new topic within our Blogversation on the “Merits of gaming”.

However, just yesterday we had a Big Geek Meet here in lovely ol’ Bristol and as such, I thought I’d share with you all: Some pictures of our meet.

We started the game with a Geek Quiz which I will include at the bottom of this. If you know the answers great, answer in the comments section. Try not to use Google please ;)! I’ll give the answers to the quiz next Saturday.


So go ahead and have a gander through. Come join in the fun, here’s our quiz questions – Answer them as best you can and next Saturday, the answers will be here. Our next GeekOut meet is now set for Friday 12th September – The Friday after Alcon!

Geek quiz

Book time

1) How many Game of Thrones books are currently released?
2) In Discworld, how many books feature the character Rincewind in some way?
3) What book was written in 1965 by Frank Herbert?
4) Marvin, the Manically Depressed Robot is from The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, but he also has been known by another name – What was it?
5) How many Harry Potter books are there in all?

Otaku time

1) You can find the characters “Chiaotzu”, “Dende” and “Trunks” in what anime?
2) Who am I dressed up “like” today? (N.B: The truly astute among you will notice there’s lots of things wrong with my costume, yes, thank you, I get it.)
3) How many Pokemon were featured in the original Pokemon games?
4) What does the character Hatsune Miku originate from?
5) What’s the name of the band of all female teenage Japanese singers and dancers who perform a mix of Metal and Idol music? Their songs include “Gimme Chocolate” and “Headbanger”.

Gaming time

1) What is the video game genre characterised by level randomisation, tile-based graphics and permanent death?
2) Guybrush Threepwood is a mighty pirate, but what video game series is he from?
3) The Software Distribution platform “Steam” was developed by who?
4) What was the horror board game where you played either a VHS Tape or a DVD in the background to act as a timer and the “host” of the game you had to beat?
5) Trafalgar Square is a card and property in Monopoly. What colour set is it from?

Tech time

1) What programming language was the game Minecraft written in?
2) How many Operating Systems are made under the “Windows” name? N.B If you know the exact answer, WHAT THE HECK!? But, I will accept a rounded number to the nearest 10s.
3) What is the Virtual Reality headset that was backed on Kickstarter which has people like John Carmack (Of Id Software(Doom) fame) working on it?
4) Who initially developed Structured Query Language?
5) Who sold the Amiga personal computers in the 1980s and 1990s?

Comic time

1) What superhero was recently recast as a female.
2) Which comic is the character “Gambit” from?
3) Who is “The Merc With a Mouth”?
4) “Dr. Alec Holland had all the answers… he was an intelligent man… but Alec Holland is dead… and in his place stands only a… “ what?
5) “The Weird” is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe or the DC Comics universe?

Geek time

1) What is the hypothetical device that manipulates symbols on a strip of tape according to a table of rules? This has been used to simulate the logic of computer algorithms.
2) What is the “Party game for Horrible People” called? (Yes, this is shameless advertising.)
3) What is the most popular series on YouTube? (N.B: My clue to this is simply that it’s not PewDiePie.)
4) When was the movie “The Dark Knight” released?
5) Who lit lamps wirelessly in two separate locations, proving the power of wireless transmission in 1891? We need the first and last name please.

Picture time

Check out the PDF for the cropped pictures. You don’t need to give us specifics.


So okay, it was all a little cheeky and cheesy, but it got people talking and teams of 3s were formed. Although we had one team end up a team of 5… But the winning team was called A Really Bad Stripper. Hoo boy, that’s probably not PG.

Come forward, answer the quiz questions and tell us how beautiful we all look. We know it’s true. I’ve got some really unflattering pictures as I was having beard troubles that day. I literally had a full beard earlier that day and it wasn’t shaving off properly. Great, isn’t it?