The Shropshire Dungeon Master XI – UKGE and Comics Salopia

Hey Joel, you’ve published your articles a little late this week.

Why yes, yes I have thank you for asking. Last week was a long and glorious week, and GeekOut Shrewsbury was only the start of it. Continue reading “The Shropshire Dungeon Master XI – UKGE and Comics Salopia”

Pugmire – A doggy RPG

Who’s a good doggy? That’s right, you’re the good doggy – Will YOU be a good dog? Catharsisjelly checks out Pugmire, a doggy RPG.

So on a recent quest to scour the internets for interesting things to talk about for this site I sometimes come across things purely by accident. If you’re a fan of RPG games in the style of Dungeons and Dragons then stay tuned because today I introduce you to the world of Pugmire.

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