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Mobile Game Review: Good Knight Story

Ever gotten back from a night on the town and completely forgotten everything? Well, you’re not the only one, as in today’s review, we follow the adventures of a Knight who cannot remember what happened in the past 24 hours. In a tale of hearty antics and drinks galore, Good Knight Story takes us through a puzzle story featuring a knight, a Leprechaun and lots of really angry innkeepers, kings and monsters. Who ever would have put those lot together? But how well does this Android and iOS title play? What does it do different to similar games in the genre? Read on for our full review.



Mobile Game Review: Happy Glass

Ever wondered what a game of filling up a glass of water looks like? Yeah, well, neither did I… And yet, that’s what it’s come to ladies and gentlemen. However, don’t think that this is a bad title, indeed it’s a rather fun little game about filling up a glass of water. How can that be? Well, you turn it into a sweet little puzzler title and suddenly you’ve got water flowing everywhere, sometimes for good, sometimes for bad. If you’re a bit of a puzzle fan, then you should come check out Happy Glass with us.


Video Game Review: TANGLEWOOD – A Nostaglically Beautiful Puzzle/Platformer

Taking a page from the past in game development, studios, consisting of developer Matt Phillips, looked to bring us a that would have fit in with our titles from the past. This SEGA Megadrive inspired titled is a puzzle platformer which I recently got ahold of. The game looks and sounds good, but how well does it play? I look past the past and into what this title holds for gamers new and old alike. Join me as we stroll through a true retro gem – In 2018.


Mobile Game Review: Colorblind

Bringing a unique spin on the platformer genre, Colorblind features a little eye with legs that must run and jump its way through a dangerous world. In a bid to go and save its friend from an evil ominous cloud, our protagonist must find colours to go and traverse the treacherous journey ahead of it. But how does the game stand up on an already bloated market? Let’s have a look and see what eye think of it…

… Wait, what..?


Video Game Review: LittleBigPlanet 3

Sackboy, a name that’s associated with cute platforming fun, is back once again with another installment in the hugely adorable and massively popular LittleBigPlanet franchise. But with big names such as Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie involved with voice acting, can the game live up to it’s predecessors, or does it fall just flat of knitted character goodness? Read on for our full LittleBigPlanet 3 review!


Snake Pass – Sumo Digital – Seb Liese Interview

sumo_logo_horizontal_on_blackSo here we are again catching up with PlayExpo. This time we are talking Sumo Digital who are mostly a UK based development team with an office in Nottingham and Sheffield. I managed to get some time to chat to Seb Liese the designer of their new game who originally was a biology teacher in Holland. He was first noticed by Sumo Digital because he was one of the top rated level designers for Little Big Planet, he has now been working there for four years. At the end of 2015 Seb won a 24 hour internal Game Jam with his ‘snake physics’ based tech demo and was given a team to work with to translate this into a fully fledged game. The game itself is physics based action puzzle platformer called Snake Pass and is due for release around the first quarter of 2017. So let’s go through my chat with the designer.


Video Game Review – EDGE

Last week we went to the realms of RUSH, a game where you have to tell some cubes where to go. This week, we’re back for more cube-like goodness with EDGE, where this time we’re controlling just one cube. Timlah’s back from one puzzling game to another, as we look at the second in a three-part series of Two Tribes fun puzzle titles.


Video Game Review: RUSH

Yesterday we discussed our Top 10 Balls. As great as balls are, we’re going to go back and talk about boxes now as todays review is on RUSH, a sweet little puzzler game which sees you guiding some boxes (well, cubes) around the place. How does this game… Stack up? Join Timlah as we RUSH through this puzzling world.


Giveaway – Incredipede


It’s that time again, where I’ve gone ahead and purchased something that I’m happy to just give away to the lovely readers of GeekOut South-West.

Once again, whilst on the Humble Bundle page, I managed to get myself some nice new games. Horray.

However, with it, is a game that I’m not looking to redeem. I mentioned that sometimes when I get a humble bundle, I would give one of the games to my lovely audience. Well then, here we are:


In Incredipede, you follow the Incredipede Quozzle, who is on a mighty quest to save her sisters. She’s unique, in that she can grow limbs whenever and however she wants. This means she can turn into just about anything that the imagination allows!

With 60 levels of puzzler goodness, Incredipede is a great, light hearted and easy-to-pick up game.

Along with 60 levels, there are thousands of user created levels along with a custom content creator. Full screen resolution and a nicely stylised theme, Incredipede is fun to look at, although I guess that depends if you’re squeamish about a giant eye with limbs.

What is that even!?

The competition

To win this lovely little puzzler, all you have to do is provide the best caption you can for this picture:

Caption Competition


Competition closes Monday 26th at 5pm UK time. You can either give your response in the comments section below or you can e-mail us at

I can give this away as a Steam code format for Windows or Mac, but Linux users, we’ll have to sort out how to send it over to you guys as it’s a DRM-free game available for Linux, but not on Steam for Linux.

The winner will be contacted by no later than 6pm UK time. I will e-mail the winner and ask them for how they’d like to receive their game, be it the DRM-Free option or the Steam code. We will get something sorted out for you.

Most importantly: Good luck!!!