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Review – The Magic Circle

A parody of gaming auteurs, The Magic Circle presents itself as an incomplete game that you are playing while it is under construction, right down to the hovering cameras of the admins floating around openly discussing the development process. A black and white fantasy world filled with monsters and wonders, and placeholder objects, unrendered models, floating production notes, object interactions filled with placeholder text, and pieces of an old game spliced together with the new content.

I have not finished this game… but I still have some thoughts… (more…)


Emulators – Nostalgia or Nuisance?

Growing up in the 90s, I played a lot of what we now call classic video games. From Sonic the Hedgehog to Mario; Pac-Man to Tetris, I think I’ve played some of the greatest games of the early eras of video games and I’m happy to keep playing modern games. Now comes a time that these older consoles aren’t as easy to get a hold of, but there are ways to go ahead and get games of yesteryear.

Here on Ubuntu, there’s a wealth of emulators available for a variety of different old school consoles. Windows has even more native built emulators and I’m sure Macs have more unique ones to add to this list. With this in mind, I thought I’d pause and pose an open question to all of you.

Kega Fusion on Ubuntu

Kega Fusion start static on Ubuntu – Nostalgic!

What are your thoughts on emulators?

Now, considering I’m a fan of video games, I see them as a potential nuisance for a company. There’s a chance all of their hard work is stolen away by these emulators, which allows people to play whatever game they want on whatever device: But then there’s the gamer inside of me that says that it’s time we embrace the openness of open source and share older games without scrutiny. It’s a seriously grey legal area, so what are your thoughts on emulation?

I personally feel that emulators should be legal if a console is past a certain age, in hopes to provide users access to a console they might not be able to get. For example, SNES certainly isn’t still in production and a lot of video games from the SNES era are considered a “must play”. Same as how a book can end up for free in a library, is it so wrong to presume that video games get the same sort of catalogue available to the public?

Let me know what you feel about the subject in the comments below or on our Facebook or Twitter pages. As a gamer, as a developer, as a reviewer – Whoever you are, what’s your stance on emulation?

Geek forum – What does Geekdom mean to you?

Some people adore the idea of speaking to others about their geekdoms, there are those who come to this website looking for a geek filled website which they can view the ideas of his or her fellow geek.

While I am having the busiest day of his my in quite some time today, I thought I’d simply do a small post to let you stop for a moment and ask yourself one very simple question:

What does Geekdom mean to you?

It’s a ridiculously arbitrary question, which really simple answers. I’d like to invite you to share your ideas of what geekdom means to you. You’ve heard enough about what I think but here we go once more for those unaware:

A geekdom is something that someone is passionate about. All geeks are passionate for their hobby, often obsessively so.

I’d like for you to come up for an answer to the above posed question and respond in two ways:

  1. What does the idea of “geekdom” mean?
  2. What are your geekdoms, what do they mean to you?

I’d really like to see if we can get some responses from the viewers on this matter, so please do speak up! We’d love to hear from you, no matter where you’re from and no matter what your geekdom is.