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Robots: Providing Services and Your Amazon Parcels

Article title is as good as I can get for this, as it’ll be covered in this article. Amazon are pushing the boat for delivery technologies once again, but they’re not the only company in the world who looks to make delivering your goods and services in a convenient way. However, Amazon recently have been working on some little robots called ‘Scout’, which are currently undergoing an experimental delivery service in the Washington State area. Are robots the future for delivery, or is this doomed to fail? Let’s check out Amazon’s newest venture, but also existing delivery ventures via technology.



Artificial Intelligence in Movies

There’s no question that a good science fiction film typically has to feature some highly intelligent and likable AI characters. For nearly a century now, AI on our screens has gotten more and more common, from a robot that is a good friend and sidekick, to those who chug beer and smoke cigars. All in all, artificial intelligence has gotten more commonplace in the cinema and even on our TV sceeens, so what is it that we love so much about our robotic companions? I decided to dig a little bit deeper into the sci-fi genre for a look into the history of AI in movies.


GeekOut Bristol Meet – January 13th: ROBOT REVENGE Gallery

We got to the Old Market Tavern after a delicious Italian meal at 2pm. We were dined and now we were hiding from the apocalypse that is the Robot Revolution, standing against all of humanity. Fortunately, we invited some of the brightest geeks across the South-West and beyond to come and help us out with defending Bristol against said robots – They built the robots for us and we were well defended indeed. So what happened at this months meetup? Read on to find out more.


VMWare Presents: Robot Wars

Robot Wars is great fun and anyone who has seen the chaotic carnage caused by the roboteers will know only too well, that the pits are coming back to our televisions soon. Join our contributor, Murray, who saw a live event of Robot Wars recently and shares his experiences of being up and close to robot legends.


Top 10 – Robots

GeekOut Top 10s

  1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
  2. A robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
  3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

These are the laws that may one day save us from a Matrix/Terminator style situation, the rules that all artificial intelligence must be bound to, with some possible extra stipulations to prevent I.Robot happening too. Despite the fears of luddites who still beat their phones with rocks hoping for the fire that might cook their freshly slain microwavable pasta, science marches on with an army of entirely hypothetical robots at its back with only the purpose of discovery, and also having a cool butler who makes drinks and you don’t even have to pay him. (more…)

A Work Which Becomes A Genre In Itself

Though Minecraft has earned many awards across it’s many, many years of active gameplay, is there a greater accolade for any piece of work than to call itself the beginnings of a new genre?
Minecrafts‘ biggest appeal is the construction toy taken to infinite proportions. It’s limited of course, but considering it’s now over six years old that’s not exactly surprising. Despite vast numbers of updates, a battery of additions made to the format and a host of new features, it still remains the same open-world, survival, castle-building trap crafting game that emerged from the vast planes of flat creative surface that first captured the internet’s imagination in 2009.



Robocraft is a free to download and free to play shooter/creative game which is available on Steam or via their official website. The game gained a lot of attention for the game is exactly what many people would want from a game – Creative for those who like to craft their wildest creations, destructive for those who just want to see exploding robots and strategic for those who love to think.