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Our Reflection on 2018

2018 has been a year in which Joel and I have worked exceptionally hard – And I think every single one of you will have had a similar experience. You’ve all likely done something, or something happened to you in this year, which has changed you or changed the way you do something. This year hasn’t exactly been a barrel of laughs all the time, but it’s also not exactly been a bad year for us. I’ve got some fond memories from this year, which I hope to use to propel us as a website, us as a group and even myself as a creator further. Today, we’re just going to share what we think we’ve achieved this year – and hopefully you’ll be as proud of us as we are of the work we’ve put in.



Collection of geek stuff

No, not a great title for this post, but hey, I’m slowly becoming this thing that we call a blogger, what can I say? I can’t be creative all the time, now can I? Onwards with my collection of geek stuff!


As everyone who’ve read some of my posts knows, I’m an advocate of indie gaming. Why? It’s simple, really. I don’t have to pay a substantial amount to get an indie game, of which sometimes is of comparable quality to the games that have been worked on by a good 100+ man team. If you don’t believe me, this is fine. We are all entitled to our opinions and I urge you to share it.

So, today, I found out about a one man band games company called Psychotic Psoftware. No, that wasn’t a typo.

See? I wasn’t kidding.

So, Psychotic Psoftwares game is on Steam Greenlight. It has been crowd-funded already and it’s a shooter very reminiscent of the good ol’ days!

Why not take a look at their game: Power-Up



Next GeekOut session

The next GeekOut session is taking place on Thursday 20th March. Odd day to have a GeekOut session, I’m aware, however we will be joining the Bristol Bad Film Club.

We are going to go to the Harbourside and we will watch a film together. We will watch: “For Y’ur Height Only” – Which is a pretty bad movie. Worth a watch! Why not see the clip that the BBFC put together?

Follow @TheOtherBBFC to catch up with these great guys! I’m looking forward to meeting bad film lovers and enjoying a movie with others and fellow GeekOut geeks!

I had to share this.

This is a prank call that was done some time ago.

This was too funny to not share. Even if you don’t like wrestling, this is funny.

Enjoy this prank call. It is phenomenal.

Oh my, what’s this?

Kitacon is quickly approaching us! I will have several articles on Kitacon, filled with pictures, reviews, hopefully new merchandise etc.

Yes, conventions are fun and as such, if you’re at all interested: Here’s the Kitacon timetable.

Now, with all this on the way, tomorrow I am doing a cosplay walk with my “Mostly complete” costume. There are a few pieces missing still, but we’ve got plenty of time to make this up! I’ll post a picture of my “Mostly there” costume – But note in advanced, when it’s finished, it should look way better!

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