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Sega Mega Drive: The Games I Loved Growing Up

The Sega Mega Drive was, to most of the rest of the world, the Sega Genesis. I had one of these excellent consoles growing up and I often end up looking up videos, remembering the great games the console had. Oh sure, there’s Sonic, for sure, but that’s not all the console had. Today I’m just going to chat about four different games from the Sega Mega Drive that I absolutely adored as a kid. For obvious reasons, I am not going to count Sonic, because I think that’s a given. Nevertheless, check out some of these more obscure games and one that everyone should know.


Video Game Review: TANGLEWOOD – A Nostaglically Beautiful Puzzle/Platformer

Taking a page from the past in game development, studios, consisting of developer Matt Phillips, looked to bring us a that would have fit in with our titles from the past. This SEGA Megadrive inspired titled is a puzzle platformer which I recently got ahold of. The game looks and sounds good, but how well does it play? I look past the past and into what this title holds for gamers new and old alike. Join me as we stroll through a true retro gem – In 2018.


Geekdom, what is it?

These words are my views and possibly mine alone. Take them as gospel at your discretion, as this is in no means “right”.

Now that my disclaimer is through, let us discuss what we think “Geekdom” is and why. I actively welcome conversation on this post, so please do not be shy!

My “geek world”

As you are possibly aware about the writer, he is an avid gamer, anime/manga fan and loves to get out, meet people and share little stories about life and his hobbies. With this in mind, it all changed drastically after he cosplayed for the first time! He looked to meet other local cosplayers, actively sought to meet like-minded people and started blogging his (mis)adventures.

I was born in the 90’s, so was pleasured with all of the 90’s entertainment. This ranged from pop groups such as The Spice Girls, to consoles like the Playstation (PSX). I am happy to admit: as a kid, I did enjoy The Spice Girls. Why, I will never know, but hey, childhood was fun!

Oh! An Amiga! :D

Growing up in the 90’s, I played with an Amiga, a Windows 95 and Windows 98 personal computer. Consoles I played with were the Sega Megadrive and Gamegear, the Sony Playstation and the Nintendo Gameboy and Gameboy Colour.

I had one that looked just like this!

At this point, I would like to apologise to non-British readers who were taught American English, as you may have noticed: “colour” and “Megadrive”. I believe the equivalent to the Megadrive was the Sega Genesis. I make no apologies for using British English, however. If anything, I am proud of the differences between the two. Back on with the story!

So I wasn’t without Console or PC. My Gameboy kept me amused with Tetris for hours on end, my Megadrive captivated me with titles such as Cosmic Spacehead and, dare I say it, Bubsy the Bobcat.

Growing older, early 00’s, I found game design/development fascinating. I am still no coder, even though my Minecraft friends may see a different side to that and unfortunately I did not study hard enough to be a games developer. That is water under the bridge, I learn new skills almost daily through self-study.

Around this time, Pokemon and Dragonball Z was every kids morning/afternoon slots. Anime took off in a big way in the UK. With the rise of the internet, it was also getting easier to find your favourite anime and share it with friends. Shops such as Waterstones started to sell more Manga novels (which used to be placed with the Graphic Novels) and it was becoming aparent that anime and manga was here to stay. TV slots for “Toonami” showed off a lot of different anime and it helped change the UKs view of Japanese animations.

Yup, afternoons looked like this.

I started to watch more and more anime, doodling in my spare time (never to a great quality) and generally just making my time pass. Years pass and I pass school and college. I started to play other games such ad the Trading Card Game, Magic: the Gathering. I grew up a full blown geek!

This year, after many years saying I would, I attended an anime convention. Cosplaying, at that! People noticed when I returned that I was even more social than usual and I ended up wanting to meet more geeks. Enter GeekOut and here we are.

The future?

Carrying on with GeekOut and as you see before you, continuing the blog for GeekOut is ultimately a major goal. I am interested in what all sorts of people have to say about all sorts of subjects and I would love to hear more from people about what makes them a “geek”.

Geekdom is very special and it’s something I’m proud to say I’m a part of, whether only partially or completely. That’s down to whatever someone else might view me as, but I feel I’m as geeky as a person can get. I try not to cite anything to anyone who’s not interested, but ultimately, this is why this blog is here. This is my space to ramble on about all subjects of interest to me. With this being said, I’d like to now hear from as many of you who are interested in sharing their story with the rest of us.

What’s your “Geeky areas”?What makes you a “geek”?
Is there anything you’re most proud of?
Was you brought up “geeky”?

I’d welcome any discussion on this one, so please, if you’re a geek for games, comics, TCGs, novels, whatever: Let me know! Let the world know and be damn proud of who you are. It’s why you’re worth investing time in as a person, the realisation that you are who you are and you are proud of being you. That’s, ultimately, what geekdom is here for. We acknowledge our non-mainstream interests and we acknowledge the way we go about our interests.

To all of you out there, please remember:

Geek proud, GeekOut