Top 10 – Spaceships

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Ah space, it’s the final frontier and all that jazz. However, what you may not really think about on a regular basis is all of the great spaceships that have graced our media. Whatever you think about space, or sci-fi as a whole, you can’t deny that the vast quantities of planets out in pop culture can only be explored with the help of our giant metal vessels. So, without further adieu, here is our Top 10 Spaceships! Continue reading “Top 10 – Spaceships”

Playing Chaotic Good

Meet the Robin Hood of the D&D moral alignment system. Here we find the vigilantes, the renegades, and the rebels willing to stand up for what’s right in a world gone tragically wrong, and most importantly the heroes of freedom. For those who swing towards chaos on the side of goodness and the rights of the people the call to heroism comes when tyrants, slavers and oppressors threaten the people and their ability to live their lives in peace and quiet, without the demands of others to intrude. Sticking up for the little guy has the potential to lead people into trouble, and a tendency to run afoul of the law, but that’s all part of the fun for a CG character.

It’s one of the easiest alignments to play, but it’s worth looking into how to play Chaotic Good well. Continue reading “Playing Chaotic Good”

Remaking A Classic

While I get to work on something important, recover from illness and go on holiday, I’ve prepared something a little bit different.

Whether it’s in a game, a film, or anything else, if you’re using a classic or iconic myth, legend or monster, you’re almost expected to bring something original to it. If you’re creating a new superhero, how is yours going to stand out from the already enormous crowd? How do you plan to tell the same tale over again without everyone feeling like they’ve seen it before a thousand times? Continue reading “Remaking A Classic”

Geeking Out In Public

Did you ever see someone that you’ve never met wearing a Qwertee t-shirt and want to run up to them and yell “Oh my gods that is awesome!”?

The problem is that sort of thing only seems to fly at a convention where you know it’ll be well received. On the street there is always the ever-present fear that that person will look at you like you’re a lunatic rather than a kindred spirit, where the convention crowd are almost universally open to any conversation you pitch them. Or maybe you think that other people will react negatively to a pair of geeks gushing over games or comics in the middle of town. Even though geek culture is rapidly becoming the norm, we’re not exactly forming massive crowds and taking to the streets like – say – sports fans.

I have spent a long time pretending to be confident. Eventually the pretence rubs off and you start believing your own lies. So here’s a couple of stories:

Continue reading “Geeking Out In Public”