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Professional Writing Update 1: Entered A Short Story Competition

At the start of the month, I mentioned that I was going to get into professional writing and blogging. This month, I’ve taken my first steps towards that goal. I’ve gotten myself a new blog, where I talk about writing. I also have taken the plunge, written a short story and entered it to a short story competition. All in all, it’s been a busy month, but not as busy as I was hoping I would have made myself. Still, a start is better than no start, right? Read on to see what I’ve been up to.



Writing Prompts: Backtracking

A couple of days ago, I was challenged by Matthew from Normal Happenings to a Writing Prompt. Considering how much I write on a day to day basis, I’ve started to call myself a conversational writer. As such, to be challenged to write something completely out of my comfort zone sounded like fun. I thought I’d give this a try, so this article is dedicated to the challenge that was set to me – To write about Backtracking. To write about going back to something after a sustained period of absense. With that in mind, let’s give this a go.


Video Games & Halloween

Last week, dear reader, we spoke about the dangers of answering the door during All Hallows’ Eve. A time considered by many to be a fun, but devilishly devious. Where degenerates roam the streets, knocking on doors and demanding a delightful treat for making you get out of your cosy, warm living room and to face the dark abyss beyond the door. But not all dangers leave the house. For some, a Wonderland full of games and joy is as bad as a world of hurt and anguish.


Trick or Treat & Halloween

Last week, we warned you of the horror’s of All Hallows Eve, by telling you the tale of Ness and Paula as they encountered the pumpkin villain, the Trick or Trick Kid. But what happens when you’re offered the chance for a treat? What happens when someone says those three fateful words to you: Trick or Treat? After last weeks’ horrific tale, this week comes one even more frightful, as we dive deep into Rapture.


Pumpkins & Halloween

As we approach All Hallows’ Eve, tales of ghosts and ghouls become commonplace. Today, I wish to tell you a tale of a young man and a young lady, by the names of Ness and Paula, who fought off unspeakable evils. But before they could take on true evil, they had to overcome fear itself. This time, it wasn’t a ghost or a ghoul, but rather it was the wickedness of humanity itself, with an injection of the macabre. This is the story of Ness and Paula encountering the Trick or Trick Kid.


Top 10 Creepypastas

With the shocking revelations from last week’s Top 10 that our good friend, The Otaku Judge has been trying to corrupt our dear readers to be as warped and as twisted as… Well, the rest of us… we had a clear winner for this weeks Top 10 list. We’re going to dig deep into Creepypastas. From the weird and the macabre, Creepypastas have had a huge impact on the internet and indeed on geek culture. What’s that? You don’t believe that Creepypastas have done anything for geek culture? Read on, you may be really surprised with some of these results.

Before we go into this one, a Creepypasta is generally a short story that is meant to make the reader feel creeped out, disturbed or downright disgusted. With this in mind, we had to look through the prose that was indeed a Creepypasta and look past the more real stories. That could potentially be a theme for another week… Still, here we go. Oh and WE ARE ALL DEAD. Not really.

Top10 Banner

Top 10

10 – Jeff the Killer

Jeff the Killer

Our number 10 entry is reserved to a bit of an anomaly on the Creepypasta list, because although this is one of the most famous Creepypasta characters known to the fandom, it’s also one of the worst. You see, when your character is just some character out for revenge because reasons and can do just about whatever it wants, especially when it’s an angsty teenager… Well, you know it’s not going to be the best.

However… I actually like the Jeff the Killer character and the stories. No, they’re not wonderful examples of Creepypasta, but look at what they’ve done! The stories have torn the community asunder in a really interesting way. There are those who look to mimic Jeff, some even going as far to literally copy the looks of the character as well as what it does. To find out more about this character, you should check out the original Creepypasta.

In Summary however: Jeff was a killer who would come in through the bedroom window of children. He’d appear at the foot of their beds and simply say “Go to sleep“. With his dark, cold eyes and his psychotic image, he’s a face no child forgets. With murderous intent, seeking vengeance against children as he deemed them cruel, which kind of makes sense considering these kids beat him and get his brother sent to jail. With an epic fight involving guns, vodka bottles and so much blood, eventually Jeff beats them off and goes insane… becoming Jeff the Killer. When I mentioned the vodka bottles and guns, did I mention these attackers were no older than 13? Huh…

9 – Smile Dog


One of the most infamous shock pictures on the internet comes in the form of Smile Dog, also known as smile.jpg. This ones story is actually pretty fun, so I’m just going to give you a condensed summary of it. Joel put it best when he said it seemed sort of “Ring” like… I guess it is, in it’s own magically tragic way.

The smile.jpg file came about from the early days of the internet. You know the times, BBSes were all of the rage (bulletin board systems). As well as this, viruses were spread as e-mail attachments, usually with some flavour text to entice the readers to double click on the file and open it up. Instead of a virus infecting a computer, the image was able to create absolute insanity to whomever may glance upon it. They would also then be compelled to share the image with others.

In some ways, this plays upon the Chain-Mail mentality from back in the day… and it’s a really fun read. Check out the original Creepypasta.

8 – Candle Cove

This one is a little special. A group of strangers on a message board piece together memories of a TV show they used to watch back in the earlier 70’s. Low budget, a little weird, even creepy at times, but hey what kids shows don’t have their darker side. There’s a whole mess of conspiracy theories surrounding Rugrats or Toy Story for example, but Candle Cove was never big enough or popular enough to have a conspiracy to its’ name.

The full series is nowhere to be found, but you can watch a few episodes on YouTube. It’s a little bit weird still to this day, terrifying as a child, but just a little weird now. I shan’t spoil the ending for you, but suffice to say that the final episode is not for kids, and no, it’s not actually from the 70’s.

Click this link for the original Creepypasta.

7 – Easter Egg – Snow on Mt. Silver


Do you find anything in the magical and colourful world of Pokemon to be disturbing? Good, I’m glad that you do. After all, it’s the series that gave us Lavender Town’s music. Couple this with the stories of high frequency and you’ve got yourself nightmare fuel. However, what if I were to tell you that there was a hidden gem of a Creepypasta which doesn’t rely on the Pokemon Creepypasta cliches? One that actually talks about what happens at the end of Pokemon SIlver…

A girl and her brother used to love playing the older Pokemon games as kids, so they reminisce about the good old days. They get themselves a copy of Pokemon Gen 2 (She had Gold, whereas he had Silver) and he also put a Gameshark into his GameBoy Advanced. He found a secret one called “Easter Egg – Snow on Mt Silver”. It drove him mad and she vowed to check out what the commotion was all about. As she plays through, in game, Gold looks very cold and all of the beloved Pokemon on her team starts to die from the frigid cold. She faces off against Red, whose Pokemon are even more dead and frostbitten looking than her own, getting worse as time goes by.

I’d heavily recommend this one for Pokemon Creepypasta fans. Read the original Creepypasta here!

6 – The Expressionless


A blood-stained woman walks into an A&E. No one can look at her for more than a few seconds, her very appearance  induces nausea, she looks like a mannequin moving around like a human being, her teeth are long needles, and her face, despite the trauma she appears to have been through remains utterly expressionless.

This is a short and simple tale, not one with far reaching consequences. However, in a that short space of time it induces a gripping terror of something inhuman walking the world like one of us, something that could well be amongst us even now, and more horrifically kills swiftly, and seemingly without purpose. It’s the natural made unnatural, which is the very essence of horror, condensed.

Don’t forget to read the original Creepypasta!

5 – BEN Drowned


The modern day haunting story is the dead-man’s cartridge. The story always starts the same, some avid nostalgic goes to a car-boot sale or garage clear out and finds an old gaming cartridge in the bottom of a box, a classic game picked up at a steal of a price, but it’s never exactly what you expect…

BEN DROWNED is a copy of Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask that still has a saved file called BEN. It starts out normally enough except that the NPCs often refer to the character as BEN, deleting the save file causes the names to be removed altogether, which is the beginning of a particularly dark decline.

BEN DROWNED used a series of eerie catchphrases from Majora’s Mask such as: “You shouldn’t have done that.” and “You’ve met with an unfortunate fate, haven’t you?” all accompanied by the face of the smiling trader, often embedded into Link’s head, just to add to the unnatural feel.

Read the original BEN Drowned Creepypasta.

4 – The Rake


This is similar in vein to The Slender Man, a Creepypasta that sparked the imaginations of people everywhere. With people saying “I’ve seen it, it’s real!” and “2spooky4me!” Okay, the latter might have just been mocking The Rake, but make no bones about this: It’s an incredibly effective Creepypasta that seems relatively plausible (a rarity) and has since become video games. It’s not higher on our list because it doesn’t have the same staying power as The Slender Man (Whom we’ll get onto shortly), but it’s a really well received story.

This acts more like a narrative for the unknown, The Rake is a story which focuses on uncovering the secrets of this strange human-like creature. It tries to walk like a human, but generally finds that it can’t. It tries to act like a human, but generally isn’t. It doesn’t talk like a normal human – but people are certain that it’s real. The story takes accounts from various sources dating between 1964 to 2006.

I’d recommend giving this one a try, by reading the original Creepypasta.

3 – The Slender Man


The Internet’s greatest bogeyman is a legend that has expanded beyond the digital bounds. An abundance of horror projects – like MarbleHornets and Slender: The Eight Pages – amidst a plethora of fan-fictions and artwork have built a tale that no longer deserves the name “urban legend” and is simply an endemic part of modern society.

Although it’s not alone, Slenderman, or Slender Man, has had the most famous impact in real life, the recent crimes supposedly undertaken in His name. It’s never a pleasant thing to consider, that stories can inspire real tragedies, nonetheless the level of influence of this crowd-sourced phantasm has had must at least broker a little respect.

Simply put, we created a monster. And now you should read the original Creepypasta.

2 – Tulpa

Before we get into this one, let me tell you that this is one of the all time best written Creepypastas out there. A good Creepypasta really should let you feel as if it’s something that could happen for real. For one, let me confirm that Tulpa’s are an actual phenomenon. It’s quite a terrifying concept as well. No, this doesn’t have anything to do with the video game by the same name, to my knowledge.

A guy undergoes a scientific experiment whereby he is to sit in a room for a long time, where he’s supposed to imagine another person into the room – His Tulpa.  It started off innocently enough. The guy had to imagine his Tulpa was there and he would have to make it interact with objects and the likes. All the while, scientists were reading scans from his brain. They then put him in a room with disturbing, discordant music. Of course, things get more erratic from here on in. His Tulpa started to get him to do bad things, such as beating one of his friends. The Tulpa started to literally control him, much like he controlled the Tulpa.

Needless to say it gets more disturbing than that and I’d highly recommend you give this one a read as soon as possible.

1 – Russian Sleep Experiment


There are plenty of weird and creepy stories about war-time experiments, in fact the Russians and Nazis are accredited with a vast array of inhuman – and mostly fictitious – scientific procedures and tests that are a fantastic source of grim horror stories. The Russian sleep experiments are brilliantly freakish, the tale of a group of test subjects that are contained within a chamber flooded with a powerful gas stimulant.

The end result is that the chamber has to be opened and the experiment halted two weeks in, the remains of the tale tell of the mutilated lunatics that emerged, screaming, laughing, demanding more of the gas, presenting inhuman medical readings. Gore-horror translates better in the written form I think, and though the whole thing lasts around thirteen minutes to listen to, it conjures unsettling images, and ends with a rather dark concept.

Don’t forget to read the original Creepypasta! Also, there’s a movie on the way!

Honourable Mention



In 2004, Something awful foresaw the coming of Zalgo, bringer of the end, something truly terrible. Zalgo is the infestation that spreads amongst us, the finality. Its’ dark malfeasance has roots that have spread back through a century to weave itself into the midst of H.P. Lovecraft’s darkest imaginations, despite the fact that it never originated there in the first place.

Can you hear it? That scratching behind the walls? Not the walls of the room, no… the walls of perception, the boundaries built of light, and colour and sound, as brittle as paper that we laughingly call the world. It could reach through it all and touch you, and leave you forever changed. Scream for us! Add your screams to the choir! Scream for Zalgo!

Š͊ͨ̓̑̆̈̈̊͏̺̥̮̦͓̬̬̥ç̞͙̤̫̩̖̰̫̉͂͘r̻͚̞͛̄ͬ͑ͤ̔ͨe̴̡̠͈͉̹͖͖̺ͪ̍ͧͫa͉͚̲̰ͥ̀͋̎̓̀͢͞m̠̲̒́́̋͗͜ ̧̛̰̳̬̦̹̙̆͋́ͅf̦̤̙̯̋̔õ̷̧̳̰̭͙̱̣̹͇ͥ̃̚r̶̝̻̩̱͓͓̹̜ͧ̀ͩͧ̍̋ͮ̆ ̶̖ͨu͇͈̬͈̜̠̫̍ͧͬ̃̽̍̚̕͟͠ş͍̝͚͓̮̻͙̪͖̒ͩͫ̄!͚̖̳̋ͭ̈́ͩ͞ ̗̩̇͐̇̇A̻̝̻̦̳̠͉͉̍̑͊̐̍̿ͅd̨̝͙̙̖̤͙̾̓̈́ͧ̈̏ͭ̌́͘d͎̦̠̿̉̒̕̕ ̜͇̤͈̺̳̫ͪ̓͛ͯ͛̂̎ͥy̔̅ͯ̊̓́̒́͝҉̟̝o̬̟͖̫̘ͭ̂̾̋̔͆̀ͥ́͟ư̹̻͎̗̪̻͌̿̃̐ͦ̒̃̚͢͠r̟̤͇̦̟̖̺̂̅̀̃̀̾ͪ͜ ̷̧͎͔̰͓̘̑̆ͮ͂ṡ͓̳̜̼̱ͧ̓̍ͣͥͭc̣̩̬̮̦͔͓̥̄̃ͥ͟͝͞r̨̲̱̳̎̂̈ͨe̖̰͕͚͚̅̂ͩ͑̉̂̽̽a̻͎ͫ̿ͫ̿̆͜ͅm͇̜̺̤ͮ̅͐̒š̛̞̥̾̏͂͑̍̅ͥ̉ ̄̋͋͒̓́͏̭̰̬̳̱̻ͅt̘̟̫̥̞̘͉͎͛̒ͬ̔ͨ̒̊͐̄̀͡o̼̬ͨ̂ͭͮ̑͐͋̒̃ ̴̟̳̼̺̱̫̓ͫͦ͗̚t̝̣͇̤̪͕̓͂ͤͫ̎ͣͤͦ͗͝͠h̝͔͚̫͇̏͛́̕͢ẽ̶̗̙̖̳͔̥̫̰̝̉͋ͥ͐ͩ̀̚͡ ́ͭ҉̶̩̮̗̣̼͎͍͜ͅċ̠ͨ̌͝h̠̪̣̝̘̯̹̠͂̎̈́ͦͫͤ̿ͥ́o̢͈ͫ̊͢ḭ̸͉̫͌͋͑ͭ̍ṙ̰͙̙̲́!̻̬̘̝̠̖̯͍̔̈͒̉ͫͥ ̶̧̰̣̤̆͒̏̓́S̅̃͒ͮ͐̑̊̏͏̴̖̜̦̰̳ĉ̢̛̩̰̥̜̊ͥ̔ͩrͪ̍̽̎̈́̇͆͏̩̤͍͓̦͙͙͕̫e̸̳̹̪͐̀à̵̖̟̜̦͖̱̭͔̈̃̿̓̀̾m̴̧̛̲̗ͭͧ̀̉͋̋̾ͤ ̶̗̫̘͒͑̈́ͪ͋f̵̻͖͎̣̝͔͕̼̟̔͊̽̏͠o̦͙͓̺͉̒ͭ͂́̇͘ͅr̛̯̳̗̬̱͊ͬͤ̕͝ ̻̜̮̦̺͓͒ͣ̾̃ͦ̀ͯ̔ͅZ̶̺͙͇͈͂̅̉̎͡a̢̹͇͒ͤ̿̀̄̋̔̈l̄ͧ͗ͨͫͯ҉̠̰g̈̿̀҉͎͔̻͕̱̗o̯̳͖̱̩̎̔̃̀ͪ̎̊͡!͉̘̱̭̺̀

More information on Zalgo can be found on Creepypasta Wikia.

A Skeleton Popped Out!

This one is what’s known as a Trollpasta, which is when someone pretends to make a Creepypasta which then has something so anticlimactic or so anti-creepy, that it’s just humorous. They’re usually really poorly written and have little to no deep meaning behind them. Granted, not many Creepypastas do have deep meaning, but at least they try to at least be well written, or just an entertaining read.

A Skeleton Popped Out is literally the most anticlimactic way to end a Creepypasta and it’s been featured in many of these Trollpastas. Generally, you’ll have a story such as this:



Dang, I nearly gave myself a heart attack… I hope you liked my prose, however. But don’t waste your time with my drivel, read the original trollpasta!

Weird, somewhat gross and macabre, Creepypastas are so much fun to read! But alas, this is just our list. I want to know what your favourite Creepypastas are and if we have the best of them covered off here? Do you like our list? Do you agree or disagree with our ordering? Why not let us know in the comments below, but beware, reader: We’re behind you, watching what you type. Not really.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to hit that Top 10 vote for next weeks topic! Votes close on Thursday 25th June 2015! It gives us time to prepare and write our list for next Saturday then, see? Me and Joel like to sit beside a camp fire and retell tales of what we believe belongs in the Top 10 lists… and what deserves the chop! Sweet dreams, reader…

… Until next time…
… We’ll be waiting…
… RUN!

Light Novels – Issue 3

Light novels are different from traditional novels in that they are much shorter, the length of what we call a novella, sometimes even shorter than that. They consist of small story arcs, what you would see in one to five episodes of an anime adaptation, and feature drawings every few pages to help with a crucial scene’s depiction, even if it’s just showing a character sitting and having something to drink.

Light novels are different from traditional novels in that they are much shorter, the length of what we call a novella, sometimes even shorter than that. They consist of small story arcs, what you would see in one to five episodes of an anime adaptation, and feature drawings every few pages to help with a crucial scene’s depiction, even if it’s just showing a character sitting and having something to drink.


FUNDED Kickstarter Highlight: The Clay That Woke

An RPG dedicated to Minotaurs

The Clay That Woke is an RPG that is dedicated to the awesome world that is Minotaurs. I’ve always been a fan of the manbull (Pardon the lack of better phrasing and I apologise if this is demeaning to any Minotaurs out there!)

The creator, having one of the best moustaches I think I’ve ever seen online, has done some extensive play testing of his brand new role playing game and is looking to fund the RPG for what is a truly unique experience.

Check out the video on the Kickstarter page, it’s pretty interesting!

Impressive art helped sell this to me.

What of the rewards?

The smallest reward is for just $3 where you get the short story published with the game immediately. This is something I haven’t actually seen on Kickstarter before, where you can get something before the campaign has ended, so kudos to the creator for this one.

To get the full physical copy of the game, including tokens, you need to pledge a minimum of $73. To get a copy of the book and PDF version of the game which includes printable tokens, you need to pay a minimum of $33. If you pay a minimum of $14 or more, you get the PDF of the game. Nice!

It appears this will also be guaranteed to go through as it has already met its target! Once the campaign has ended, it looks like it’ll definitely be released. I’ve already put in for the story, which is a small pledge, I realise, however I’m interested to see the story. As mentioned, I’ve always been a fan of Minotaurs. In fact, in a “Freeform” Dungeons and Dragons game I played, I was a Minotaur Artificer… Amusingly, I kept breaking the game by sacrificing a lot of my “useless” stats to become strong and “Grow with strength”. I think I broke several walls that way and was hailed as “The one”… Due to being over 15 feet tall. It made sleeping in neutral places quite tricky, though.

Even during my World of Warcraft days, I played as the Tauren. Why? Manbull. (Sorry again.)

Yeah, Minotaurs are awesome, but this RPG looks to bring out the best in Minotaurs. I hope it succeeds!


This was funded by a landslide. Originally requesting just $8,500, this game managed to wrangle up $25,518! Wow! Congratulations to the creator. We look forward to seeing The Clay That Woke amongst the RPG greats!

Short geek stories

*** Short story ***

Hi guys, thought I’d try something new here by writing a series of short stories once a month, probably normally would release them on the last Sunday of any given month. These stories will be between 1,000-2,000 words long and will all be set in the same world, although the characters and plots will change about. This first story is kind of like the prelude, so any feedback (“Good idea!” “Bad idea!” “You should go with x!” “You should stop this!”) is all welcome.

Think there should be pictures? Let me know.

If you think it’s no good and I should rethink this, just let me know. If the story seems somewhat interesting, again please let me know! You’re my audience, I’ll listen. Hey; why not suggest ways the story goes? I’ve got no real set plans for this – Just some short stories.

*** Let’s begin ***




Set-up time

It was 12pm, midday. At least, that’s what the little clock in the corner of the screen kept telling me. The time was always a few minutes out, but I was never that big of a stickler for the little details in the real world. In my world though, that was a whole different story.

I never thought about what I was doing, about where I was going with this. I never thought about my motives, but I knew it had to be done for my sake and it had to be done now. No one else had ever achieved this, why? It seemed to make so much sense to me. An online role playing game where the characters are completely determined by the players, all customisation is done by them. They design, they make the artwork and standard animations are applied to their uploaded designs, based upon a simple algorithm that looks to see where the “spine” of the character is and works upon it. Sure, this game wasn’t graphically beautiful, but this was a first of its kind.

It’s time to finish off the website now then to announce to the world that this new world is available and waiting for them. Little did they know, that I am a cruel dungeon master indeed. All of the enemies have been programmed, but they won’t be the players enemies to begin with, oh no, no. Whatever the players do, I will be watching and I will be in control of their stories. I will choose who the players enemies and friends are and I will determine which path they take until their characters untimely demises. No matter what they want from their characters lives, I will be the reason they get there or not. They had better play ball.

The servers are ready, the website has now been updated with information for the players on how to sign up, set up their characters and install the client on their computers…

… Let the games begin.


The Vile Dungeon Master (VDM)

You wish to know more about me?

They call me the Vile Dungeon Master, the VDM. I got this reputation back during my time running a local Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Why was I vile? I wanted to be remembered. No, I needed to be remembered. I wanted them all to know that I am a man not to be trifled with.

Actually, the truth is, I’m 21 years old next month. My name is Michael Vander Preston. I am fond of kittens and long strolls down the beach, with the sand beneath my feet. I enjoy the gentle caress of the sun and the soft breeze. Unfortunately, this never happens in merry old England. It is usually a grey, drab colour and the beaches are often covered in litter and debris. It’s a real shame, as other countries make them look so inviting. Some summers it is okay to go to the beach, however.

What else can I say? The truth is I am a big softy at heart. I know I’m a big softy at heart, but this is my dilemma. I built a reputation for being The VDM. I am vicious and unrelenting to my subjects and it eventually lead to people not coming along to play my campaigns. Honestly, I just wanted to make people know me. I wanted our campaigns to be memorable, but alas, they were indeed memorable. Just for all of the wrong reasons.

I am socially awkward and have stopped speaking to people. I’ve become a recluse and choose to sit with a book or my computer, rather than meet those who would share my interests. I know of my own shortcomings, sure. Am I dealing with my shortcomings head on? Sure I am! I made this world! I will be able to get involved with so many peoples’ lives! I can see love blossoming, friendships forming, allegiances strengthening.

I can now be in control of all things.

People will never need to speak to me directly. They’re speaking to me without knowing it. I’ve got my plans set out. I’ve made bots that deal with the majority of story-telling, but sometimes I can get more involved. I can take control of any enemy, any ally and any scene. I am omnipresent, I am god!

And these people will love me.
They have to.

Welcome to my world.


Installing the client

“Jason, you ready man?” My friend said loudly and proudly.

“Just a minute! I’m getting the client and starting the download for any updates, now!”

“Alright, man. Just remember what we promised? We’re gonna be the first to complete this game. No one makes a game that we ain’t gonna beat together!”

“Yeah!” We were talking over a Voice-Over IP (VOIP) service called Piype. My friend, Adam, lived on the other side of town, so we would often talk on Piype rather than expect to go to each others homes. With gaming and communication as good as it was now-a-days, why should we have to gather on a sofa together?

“Ping!” – My computer makes a small ping noise whenever a file is finished downloading. It was time to play this new game.

The game was called “Computer Adventures and Dragons” which I found amusing. My character, I had already fleshed out. See, this game took the world by storm. Apparently, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) in this game was so advanced, it could detect even your next two moves! How impressive was that!? In rare instances, when you think you’ve done everything to outwit the game, rocks would fall and everyone would die. It was a saddening experience to lose your character in this game, as this was a game that you built your character up. You fleshed them out with your own backstory, you gave them your own custom graphics and animations are calculated for you. It was an incredibly advanced that was made for incredibly advanced players of games.

This is why me and Adam wanted to play this game. We wanted to experience the full experience of gaming first hand. We wanted to feel like the story was being fleshed out by a real person, like this game supposedly does. We wanted to know what it was like to be outsmarted by an AI, which to us was a novel idea.

The client was installed and I immediately halted Adam from starting the game up.

“Wait, I’m going to check for what mods are available.” I said with a grin. I knew if we were going to go into a hard game, we would need player made mods. Adam agreed and we checked out the website for the game. We went onto the Computer Adventures and Dragons official website and found the section for player made mods. We were seriously disappointed at the lack of mods available, however we did realise this game had only been around for a month, so the community was still as new to this game as we were.

“Okay, let’s begin.”

“Finally!” Adam exclaimed, clearly exasperated at my slowness on the uptake. We finally pressed the great big “Play” button.

Our adventure would finally begin.

How little did we know, that this game was about to test our friendship in ways we had never thought possible.


*** Participation ***

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