Top 10 – Companions

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Ah yes, the companion. Unlike the sidekick, the companion is something that might not necessarily follow you because it believes in the same things as you do. Instead, a companion is there because it wants to be by your side, for whatever reason. Continue reading “Top 10 – Companions”

Kickstarter Highlight – Sidekicks


I love super-heroes, I particularly love alternative takes on the genre, always have since I first watched The Tick and Freakazoid.

I support anyone who brings an original take on the genre, and Sidekicks most certainly does that. A band of disenchanted second-fiddles and super-lackeys begin taking matters into their own hands. Issue one saw a successful kickstarter campaign, raising more than double what author Russell Brettholtz required and allowing for work to begin expanding the series into many more issues.

Those issues have been pencilled, but money has finally depleted – as is the fate of anyone who chooses to self-publish – and issues 2 through 4 remain uncoloured. Hence a new campaign. The same team will be returning to complete the next three issues, which will see some real storyline developing. Villains are rising, heroes are dropping, and only sidekicks are left to pick up the slack. Continue reading “Kickstarter Highlight – Sidekicks”