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Sublevel Zero – Super procedural space adventures with so much freedom!


Sublevel Zero is a fantastic looking upcoming 6 Degrees of Freedom shooter which is following in the footsteps of some of the great indie games we’ve seen over the past few years. With procedurally generated levels and Oculus Rift support, looting and crafting systems in place, this game has really set itself apart from its current competition. It’s a roguelike game too, meaning once you’re dead, you are back to square one.

The joy of games like Sublevel Zero is its replay value. In a permadeath game, where the levels are never the same, you can come back to this game time in and time out with no issues of seeing the same old things.


The game is in first-person, so as you can imagine on an Oculus Rift, this game is quite intense. The ability to look around in Oculus Rift is honestly amazing, especially with the stylised low-poly graphics. For a game of this kind, whilst you could have something all realistic (and believe me, that will be cool to see), I like this game being the way it is. It’s beautiful in an oddly digital way.

Oh, but you’re like me. You’re running Linux or Mac and we’re teasing you with all of these fantastic games. Stop right there! Sublevel Zero is being made for Steam and it’ll be available for PC, Mac AND Linux. It’ll be Oculus Rift compatible and is being distributed by Mastertronic. We can expect to see this awesome title over on Steam in summer this year.

This game grabbed my attention whilst I was at Rezzed, so much so that I made sure to grab the attention of the developers for a quick chat about their title! Don’t forget to go and check out the developers at their website Sigtrap Games, or drop them an e-mail. You can also get a hold of them over at Twitter (@SigtrapGames).

Sublevel Zero is looking like a superbly executed space adventure, so if you’ve not got enough spaceships in your life – You know where to get your next fix!

What do you think of Sublevel Zero? What was the last 6 Degrees of Freedom game you played? As always, leave your comments below, over on Facebook or Twitter and let us know what you think!