GeekOut Video Gamers & Next GeekOut Meetup

Join me as I look forward to the next GeekOut Bristol Meetup, which is happening on May 8th. Always fun, never dull, the GeekOut meetups have been going for over a year over on Meetup and a year and a half over here on GeekOut South-West! Oh how time has flown by!

It’s creeping up to that time, where we get together for another GeekOut Bristol Meetup! If you’re in Bristol and want to meet up for a few pints, or to play some board games, perhaps have fun at my expense as I attempt to wear a costume, then come join us for more frivolity and geeky banter. Plus, we’re bringing back the well received GeekOut £20 Challenge, where this month, we will be sharing our geekiest music in a format that we can all be diplomatic about it.

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