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Top 10 Platformers

Jump, jump for victory! Run to the right until you run out of right to run into! The platformer is a format so versatile that it has been changed and revolutionised so often that it’s no longer a genre to itself, it’s a style that has titles as wonderfully varied as gaming itself. It was there from the beginning, and is awash with incredible examples, how can we ever select only 10?

Or… 12… Because of the honourable mentions…

Anyway, we got together once more with Kevin from The Mental Attic to try and trim down the vast number of platform titles to a select few that we will inevitably have to revisit at some point. Here’s our Top 10 platformers. (more…)


Super Meat Boy Review

A lot of people have heard of the hellishly hard Super Meat Boy, but recently I was proudly able to get my hands a hold of the game. Much to the chagrin of my friends, such as Kevin, I will spend hours on that game, trying to slowly 100% the game. Yes: I want to get all of the bandages, all of the levels (including the hard mode levels) and all of the warp zones. This also includes all of the unlockable characters.

Although I play a lot of it, I thought I’d write a review about the simply squishy Super Meat Boy!