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I’ve been an avid fan of WordPress for some time. The company, Automattic, do a lot of good. As well as running the software that runs this website, they power a huge proportion of the internet. Many of your favourite blogs, as well as a huge number of business and eCommerce websites all use the WordPress platform, which is separated by and Recently, I won’t lie to you, I’ve been taking a vested interest in the people behind WordPress. I’ve logged onto the WordPress Support Forums and I’ve been trying my hand occasionally at helping those with WordPress issues. This has been my experience so far.



Charity Game Event In Pizza Hut Southmead – August 7th

Bristol is home to some really cool companies and this months event is no exception. We’re going to be hosting a charity tabletop day over at the Southmead Pizza Hut branch, so if you’re up for some tasty food and you’re up for trying a board game or two, come along, say hi and I’ll get you settled right into a game!


Side bar, Geek Events and more!

Have you noticed that we have a few new things on the side bar of the website? For the record, have you seen that we even have a new menu option at the top of the website too? A simple post to reflect these small changes!

Bostin Blam

Bostin Blam

The first of the changes to the website is the link to Bostin Blam. This is a wonderful website run by fellow Bristolian Xenia Randle, a fellow geek and cosplayer who is looking to do more bespoke cosplays for people. She really enjoys the sense of community spirit that geek culture promotes so heavily.

I really enjoyed reading about her work with the Ewok hoods, so if you’re a fan of Star Wars and you want to help support local creators and crafters like Xenia, please go and purchase one of those. They look amazing!

If the Ewok Hoods don’t take your fancy then why not have a look at their selection of badges?

Eventide, an Audiobook

5b6cc3d8c5bb9d7fee70ea53fef13e59_originalSo I did a Kickstarter Highlight last week which was a look at writer Daniel Beazley’s campaign: Eventide, an Audiobook Production.

He needs your help to make his audiobook come to the light of day and honestly, from what I’ve seen from this guys work so far, this audiobook will be great. Daniel has also been kind enough to send me a book which I will be reviewing as soon as I’ve received and finished it – so big thank you to Daniel for his time and for letting me read his works. I’ll report back on here with an honest review and with a give-away!

In the mean time though, get to Kickstarter and help our fellow South-Westerner out!

UK Geek Events

Oh this was a big undertaking for me, even if the page isn’t that large yet.

2015-05-08 17.11.21

See, I’ve had to find 7 events for each of the umbrella categories that we cover here on GeekOut South-West and some of them were hidden really deep! Anime events and gaming events were always going to be easy to find and discuss, but what about the technology events? The sci-fi and fantasy? They all exist, but where are they?

Rather than focusing specifically on a particular area, I’ve begun to build up the page. I want it to become a much larger list and I hope to be able to incorporate some more advanced features, such as searching by location, or searching on cost. What do you want to see out of that page? Also, if you know of any events that you think should be on there, be it a convention, a meetup or a festival, let me know about it.

Large crowd for pub quiz

Whenever we go to one of the events listed on there, we’ll provide a link to an article we’ve done on the event too. So please do check our new page out and let us know what you want to see out of it. I’ve spent a lot of time on it, so feedback is much appreciated.

Thanks to everyone who keeps reading GeekOut South-West for whatever reason they do. I hope that one day we can have an even bigger community to discuss and share with one another… But hey, community usually start small, so let’s keep supporting one another and all of geek culture! After all, fellow fans make some of the best friends in the world. If you’d like to see your event on the side bar one day, let us know what you’re doing by e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or in the comments!