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Ultimate Games Master – Preview

You probably already know that I build web-based applications for people to fund my nerdy habits. With the launch of the now popular DnD Beyond, I began to wonder just how long it might take someone to come along and challenge it. If there was any way you could beat the behemoth that is Wizards Of The Coast, it would be to design an app that did more than just Dungeons & Dragons, which is precisely what Ultimate Games Master (UGM) does.


Elite Dangerous RPG – In Depth Part 1

My mind wonders how you go about fitting a vast expansive game like Elite Dangerous into an RPG. Well, the people at Spidermind Games successfully ran a Kickstarter for the book 2 years ago and this year during UKGE, I met some of the team behind it. They talked to me about their current Kickstarter for the Elite Dangerous Battle Card game which you should all take a look at and we will review in full later this year. However, this article is the first in an in-depth look through the RPG. Spidermind Games were very kind to give us the books in PDF and a copy of the core book in hardback that we will be giving away as a prize.

My intention here is to cover the core book its contents and add a healthy dose of opinion here and there. I won’t be including the Espionage, Exploration, Military and Trading supplements, but we may tackle this separately if there is enough interest.


Costume Progress – Oscar Kass, Part 1

So as I have previously mentioned on this website, before we can start a costume, the most important element is researching the character. After all, how do you know if the costume you are making is going to be made of something completely ridiculous unless you know what kind of character

Unfortunately, this is somewhat hard with this character, as it turns out there’s not really that much information on him! I was flabbergasted, however there are some things which I can certainly work on, including the robes.

To be fair, he’s a character from a figurine game, so of course there’s not much. He’s a petty criminal who’s main attack is called “Con”. This explains his dagger and a few other things. I’m going to use this to my advantage, as I’ll be able to walk up to people and act like a criminal.

The robes

So, I didn’t make the robes. I figured to myself, I could modify something! So the original idea I had was to buy a dressing gown and modify it big time.

Then I struck cosplay gold! I went to eBay and I found myself a seller who was selling cloaks. Check out this eBay shop!

The listing in question was for this cloak. £17.50 + £4.10 Postage and Packaging. Not terribly priced at all! However, at the time, all of those extra options weren’t on the page. So, I thought I’d be cheeky and I e-mailed her. It didn’t take long before she responded and I asked if she could make a cloak in the same colour as my Oscar Kass costume.


Oscar Kass is such an adorable figurine!

Well, the lovely lady was happy to help! We had a great discussion about the cloak and we dealt with the transaction easily and safely via PayPal. I received the cloak way ahead of time and it turned out to be amazing. The quality of this cloak, I really cannot talk bad about at all, which is great!

Of course, some people may be wondering how I can work with a cloak when clearly it’s a robe. This is why I asked for a pretty large cloak. It’s so large, that when I first put it on, the hood completely devoured my head and my body was cocooned in fabric, which was perfect! I’m simply going to use a pin to hold things together and a rope belt along with the buckles detail.


My cloak from the seller Diamond-jones24. If you’re reading this, Diamond-jones24, thank you!

As you can see, I’m not in the most flattering of poses in that picture… I look rather asleep for some odd reason. It’s fine: There’ll be a mask on me eventually, it’ll look a lot nicer then.

Well, I’ve got to use some pins to get it in place, but this is the robe in question. I need to have the sleeves up and make some little blue armlets of similar colour, but I should be able to do that.


What’s next for this costume?

With this robe now sorted, I just need to suss out the best positioning of the cloaks opening to. I then need to make the belt, the mask, the hands/arms/feet and the dagger.

For this costume, I’m also going to make a large pair of dice which I can throw around at the convention so anyone who’s played this game will instantly recognise what my bonuses are as I walk around. Yes, I am a pretty silly individual.

Next up, the mask of the character! This should be fun to make a mask of! I’ll be using some black-netting like mesh so that I can still see out of the mask and perhaps use it on the back of the mask, as As for how I’ll be able to eat/drink in the costume – Okay, eating I won’t be able to, but with the mouth I’m going to leave a small gap and just drink through a straw.

What do you think of the cloak, guys? I’m very proud of it and as I say, the seller was a delight to buy from. She was very switched on and heck, whilst it’s huge on me, with those basic modifications of a rope belt and pins to keep it in place, I’m sure I could move it about ever so slightly so I won’t need to buy another robe or cloak at any point! Plus, it’s so fetching on me.